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Hey friends- Andrew here. I hope you’re well! 

I always have one bag packed and ready to go with all my essentials.

Personally, I really enjoy working remotely from time to time, whether that’s from a local cafe or co-working spaces to a plane or in different countries. 

Having that well-curated list of quality essentials ready to go saves me time and from potential headaches and I’ll share with you what I pack into the bag, from everyday items to work and tech essentials. I hope you find the items useful to you and let’s start with the bag itself!

Harber London City Backpack

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The Harber London’s City Backpack is a larger-than-average bag and it comes with lots of compartments. From the outside, I appreciate that it looks pretty simple, discreet, and minimal and it’s a lot more functional than the other Haber London bag that I have. 

The backpack is made of full-grain leather. I think it’s hand-made in Spain and you can definitely feel the quality.

But more importantly, it’s really functional just as much as it is stylish. 

At the back, there’s an easy access slot for things like keys, wallets, and earbuds. 

The main compartment is freaking amazing; there’s dedicated slots to hold a laptop, a tablet, stationary, books, and bottles. Then, there are two side compartments for things like an umbrella or another bottle. And at the front, there’s a hidden zippered compartment. 

But a heads up, this bag is really quite expensive. It’s over $500, so it’s really hard to recommend it to everyone. There are plenty of great bags out there in the $50 to $100 range, from awesome brands like Samsonite or Bellroy, that are just as practical.

My personal preference is to pay for quality gear that will last a lifetime with some love and care. So this is one of those items I’ll be using for a long time to come, I hope! 

HP EliteBook 1040 G10

image 38

Inside the main compartment of the bag, let’s start with the most important carry and main workhorse: the laptop. 

Recently, I’ve been road-testing the beautiful EliteBook 1040 G10. It’s the new business flagship laptop from HP.

What I love about the laptop is it’s optimized completely for productivity and travel so that I can make just about any environment as productive as my home setup.

For example, the 14-inch form factor made from recycled magnesium makes it light. It weighs under 2.6 pounds, so it makes it even lighter than my MacBook Air.

Thankfully it doesn’t sacrifice processing power. It’s powered by the 13th-generation Intel vPro P28 processor that drives my creative workflows on apps like Adobe Creative Cloud and Figma.

What’s interesting is the unique collaboration between HP and Intel to create HP Smart Sense: it’s a feature that helps balance system resources automatically such as regulating the fans, optimizing battery life, scaling performance, and dynamically reducing fan noise. Smart Sense is one of the reasons HP and Intel have managed to cram significant processing power in such a lightweight, portable body.

Since I have a one-bag carry, having everything in a laptop is essential, and the in-built camera with features like auto camera select, HP keystone correction, and B&O speakers, help bring my best self to meetings when I’m not at my desk. 

Plus, the laptop just looks the part with the silver magnesium case and glass trackpad contrasted nicely with the black keyboard and display bezels. I really like how it looks. 

Twelve South Laptop Stand

image 37

Moving on, I’ll often pack my laptop stand into my bag too – it is really brilliant when I need to work productively for long stretches of time in, let’s say, a cafe or a hotel.

It brings me eye level to the laptop and I can better see the display and I can properly use an external keyboard and mouse for an ergonomic remote work setup. Being able to work with a raised laptop makes a big difference to my neck and shoulders, so I don’t need to crane my head down all day.

The stand conveniently flatpacks down into the included neoprene carry case so it’s easy to pack into the bag without scratching everything else in there. For 80 bucks, it’s an easy recommendation. 

Bellroy Tech Kit

image 44

Another must-have in my daily carry is a tech kit – it’s something I’ve mentioned so many times and I still use it religiously to store cables and other tech essentials. 

In the kit, I keep all my cables and chargers; otherwise, they’re all over the place. A sturdy go-to pen, I use it more often than I think I would, especially when travelling, and I keep the Logitech MX mouse inside too. 

I also have the Apple microfiber cloth, for $30. It’s overpriced but well spent because it’s actually one of the best, if not the best, microfiber cloths I’ve used. One wipe and most fingerprints and grime are gone. 

And one of the most important things, solid state drives – can’t work without these. One’s from TeamGroup and the other is from SanDisk. Both are about the same; it’s capable of read-write speeds of 2,000 megabytes per second with USB 3.2 gen 2×2, but realistically, I see read-write speeds of 1,000 mb/s, which is plenty fast for just about everything.

Sonos Roam Speaker

image 36

A very small speaker that fits well into my backpack is the Sonos Roam

Honestly, I don’t use it that much day to day, but it does come in handy when I’m out with my friends at a park or a hotel or something like that. I pull this out, and everyone loves sharing music on it.

It’s infinitely better than playing music off your phone. It’s got a decently big soundstage for its portable size and manages 10 hours of playtime. It just sucks that I can’t use it for phone calls, and the bass is lacking. 

Kinto Travel Tumbler

image 34

Next up in my bag is a travel tumbler. A very sophisticated piece of tech holds my water and keeps me hydrated.

I found it on Amazon, actually, and it’s a premium Japanese-made tumbler that does a decent job keeping my drink either cold or hot in my bag. 

Aesthetically, I think it looks awesome and suits the black bag, which is always nice for someone who likes well-designed things.

A travel bottle or tumbler – is super essential to keep hydrated every day. 

Leica Q3 

image 30

One of my favorite things in my bag is my everyday camera and I currently use the Leica Q3 – I really love taking pictures with this camera.

They say the best camera is the one you have with you, and I carry it around with me all the time. 

It’s built like an absolute tank, it’s probably one of the heaviest things in the bag but the German Summilux lens on this with the 60MP sensor snaps incredible shots, it is so good it’s often used by professional journalists and travel photographers.

It’s crazy that several months after launch, this camera is still sold out on backorder just about everywhere. I think I got pretty lucky getting this on launch day, and I’ve been using it every day since. 

Pen & Paper

image 41

I also have a pen and paper, super simple but a must-have. 

It’s great for jotting down notes and thoughts with that tactile feel but more seriously, it’s great for times when I’m offline, like in a plane, and still need to brainstorm and write things down. A pen and paper is a great thing to have in a bag.

Ugreen Powerbank

image 31

And, of course, a power bank

If I forget to charge my device, if I leave my chargers back at home, or if I can’t find a power outlet anywhere, a power bank is a complete lifesaver when I need to continue working.

It is a 145W power bank and it has a mega 25,000 mAh capacity, so I can juice multiple devices at once. 

It doesn’t make an appearance out of my bag a lot, but when it does, it’s so handy. 

AirPods Pro 2

image 32

Moving onto the easy-access slot, I keep a few things inside and I actually open and close this compartment the most. 

The first thing inside is my trusty AirPods Pro 2. Before, when I didn’t have an organized bag, I’d often forget my AirPods at home and I’d be disappointed that I wasn’t able to listen to music throughout the day.

For $250, these are amazing: they’re so compact and sound incredible with their H2 chip and spatial audio – they’re definitely one of the best earbuds on the market. But there are better options out there if you’re an Android user.

Orbitkey Organizer

image 35

Next is the Orbitkey Organizer, and it’s basically a key holder.

It’s slim and compact and it does a perfect job holding my keys in a neat way and it swivels out when I need to use it. 

Plus, it has a great multipurpose tool. It measures, cuts, and opens bottle caps too. It is super useful in a small form factor.

Card Holder

image 39

It is a little bit of luxury I like to carry with me. It’s a Goyard card holder

It’s expensive but hand made out of leather and ages really well and at this rate, I’ll be using it for life.

I use it to hold my travel cards and credit cards and these are the only reason I’m able to afford flying business or even first-class from time to time – thanks to frequent flyer points.

Apple Watch 7

image 40

Another thing I use every day is my Apple Watch 7 when I’m not wearing my mechanical watches. 

I haven’t found any need or want to upgrade to the new Apple Watches yet; they really haven’t changed all that much. Plus, I like the smaller form factor of the 41mm Apple Watch 7. 

I actually don’t use it for notifications. I have them turned off but I use it to track my workouts, runs, and walks. 

Oura Ring

image 43

Speaking of tracking, I still wear my Oura Ring every night. 

It’s really scuffed up after 2 years of use but it’s still the best sleep tracker I’ve used yet and it has helped me dial in and optimize my sleep massively. 

It still sucks that we have to pay a monthly fee to process our health data, though. 

But Oura has literally just released a new feature in the app to monitor stress throughout the day, so I’ve been wearing it more than ever, actually and it’s definitely a daily wear for me.  


image 33

I’d love to know your must-carry tech and essentials if you have any suggestions. 

And if you’re interested in seeing what I pack into my suitcases when I go travelling, definitely check out our ‘Watch also’ section. 

As always, thanks for taking the time to read. Stay tuned for the next content!  

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