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Growing library of video lessons reveal the full process to running profitable social media ads


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The unique strategies inside are forged from experience and thoroughly battle-tested

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Engage in a community of entrepreneurs and be supported through weekly check-ins and monthly Q&As

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Get access to reusable templates and plug and play resources for your ads and business

Running ads that grow your business can be complicated.

From Facebook Ads to Instagram Ads, ad platforms are a complex and competitive auction place riddled with algorithms.

It’s easy to get started with paid ads but difficult to master. It doesn’t help that you’re burning through money to test, learn and develop winning strategies.

We’ve all been there – running expensive ads that just aren’t producing results and have absolutely no clue why they’re a flop. Yet, others make it look far too easy…what gives?

What if we removed the guess-work, sunk time and money, replacing it instead with proven ad strategies and structures that will consistently generate demand and sales for your business.

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You need to do 3 things right to run insanely profitable ads

Bullseye Targeting: Puts your product or service in front of the people willing to pay for it and weeds out others who will click on your ad aimlessly (and waste your ad spend)

High Quality Ad: Will drive your dream customers to purchase from you and includes elements such as copy writing, ad psychology and the creative strategy

Optimization & Scaling: Without the technical optimization and scaling, you’ll forever be stuck at unprofitable levels or at the very most, a profitable week or month.

When you master all three, the sales and leads will trickle in like clockwork – 24 hours, 7 days a week. No sales person, no manual selling, no time wasted and no fear of zero sales.

Ignore social media ads in this day and age, and you’ll be left behind in the dust, especially when 2 billion people can be reached through Facebook Ads alone (source: Facebook, Inc)

The program will teach you how to target and find your dream customers, the steps to creating all the elements that go into a high quality ad and then help you optimize and scale your ads.

Learn with Andrew Ethan Zeng

This program is created by Andrew, who was previously an award-winning Senior Digital Marketing Manager turned multi six-figure entrepreneur.

He has been mentored by leading industry contacts along with regular visits to Facebook, Instagram and Google offices around the world.

After spending (literally) millions of dollars in ad spend across 6+ years, all the learnings, wins and strategies are now condensed into Social Marketing Mastery.

You don’t need to spend the years Andrew has invested to achieve results. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned marketer, this program will turn your paid ad strategy into a profitable machine.

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How It Works

To master social media ads, we provide an immersive community, ongoing support and rolling updates to the program. You’re not just investing into videos.


Proven Methodology

All step-by-step strategies shared inside have been thoroughly battle-tested and vetted before they’re added in. Focus on growing your business, rather than relying on luck.


Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support so you can ask questions and troubleshoot in the form of a private Slack classroom for collaboration, check-ins and monthly video Q&As.


Comprehensive Guide

Follow on with high-quality step-by-step video lessons so you don’t miss a single beat. Along with theoretical lessons, you’ll get access to on-screen examples, worksheets and easy to follow guides. 


Entrepreneurial Classroom

You’re a product of your environment, so surround yourself with the best. Get access to a supportive, fun and collaborative classroom where you’ll grow your entrepreneurial network.


In under 6 weeks, we’ll demystify the world of paid ads and flip the “growth mode” switch on for your business.

1. Welcome to the Social Marketing Mastery Program2. Digital Class Pass

3. My Knowledge is Your Knowledge 

4. My Facebook Backend 

5. Program Projection

6. Class is Commencing

1. Social Page

2. Ad Account Fundamentals

3. Facebook Pixel Structure

4. Instagram Business

5. Pixel Superiority for Conversions

6. Detach from Redistribution

1. Truly Understanding Facebook & Instagram Ads

2. The Facebook Advertising Structure

3. Behind The Algorithm

4. Building Out Your Facebook Ad Structure

5. Correct Alignment of Ad Types

1. Solving the Current Ad Algorithm “Mystery”

2. Setting Algorithm Expectations 

3. Ad Level Algorithm

4. Language Algorithm

5. Creative Algorithm

6. Financial Algorithm

7. iOS14 Changes & Strategy

BONUS: Resolving a Banned Ad Account

1. The Anatomy of a Winning Facebook Ad

2. SCO Technique

3. Effective FACO Ad Type

4. Setup of FACO

BONUS: Winning Ad Template & Full Tutorial

1. Ad Copy Fundamentals

2. Conversion Copywriting

3. Micro Macro Copy

4. Common Copywriting Mistake

5. Crafting an Ad Headline

6. CTA Conversions

1. Importance of Ad Psychology

2. Ad Proofing

3. Omnistacking Technique

4. Pricing Sweetspots

5. Aversion & Endowment

6. Precise Priming

7. Ad Toning

1. Identify Your Primary Audience (The 3-Step Process)

2. Cold Audiences Acquisition

3. Building Audience Insights

4. Mobile First Approach

1. Time-lapse Retargeting

2. Hyper Specific Retargeting

3. Cart Abandonment Retargeting

4. The Burn Pixel

1. How To Correctly Build Your Assets & Audiences

2. The 2KO Strategy

3. Pageview Goldmine

4. Customizing the Goldmine

5. Pixel Fast Tracking

6. Securing Conversions & LLAs

1. Current CBO Overview

2. Cut and Filter Method ($20 Strategy)

3. Bidding Adjustments & Hedging Techniques

4. Advanced Scaling Strategies

5. Ad Spend Optimization & Advanced CBO Scaling

1. CBO Product Test Method

2. Detailed CBO Strategy

3. Multivariate Testing Method

4. New Split Testing

5. Ad Automation & Scaling Systemization

1. Instagram Use Case

2. Instagram Specific Formats

3. Instagram Stories Blueprint

4. Instagram Stories Creative Strategy

5. Optimizing & Streamlining Instagram Ads

1. Mind Mastery Overview

2. A Paradigm Shift

3. Kick Start Your Day, Every Day

4. Optimizing Your Desk Space

5. Your Second Brain – My Digital Management System

6. Intentional Music to Maximize Productivity

7. Body Rhythms & Pomodoro Method

8. Multiply Efficiency Without Increasing Workload


COMPLETION BONUS: 50-page Facebook Ads Cliff Notes (PDF)

BONUS VIDEO: Getting Sales with Snapchat Ads 101 (22:05)

BONUS VIDEO: How To Save Time by Getting Facebook Ads on Autopilot (11:05)

BONUS VIDEO: How To Resolve a Banned Ad Account

Manual Bidding & Scaling Guide (PDF)

Ad Targeting Cheatsheet (PDF)

Perfect Ad Checklist (PDF) 

Ad Stacking Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Winning Ad Template (PSD)

Facebook Funnel Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Ecommerce Accounting & Cashflow Spreadsheet (XLS)

List of Resources (PDF)

Banned Ad Account Response Template (PDF)

Ticket to Private Classroom (SLACK)

Monthly Q&A with Andrew and Team (SLACK)

Lifetime Updates to Program

Full SMM Product Mockup Web

Social Marketing Mastery


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Includes lifetime access, bonuses and all future updates 


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Pay flexibly across 3 months

Includes lifetime access, bonuses and all future updates 

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14-day money-back guarantee.

What Our Global Students Say

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🇸🇬  Justin Chan

“I’m truly blown away by just how much I’ve learned and implemented from Andrew. Sincerely thank you for the inspiring program and guidance.”

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🇬🇧  Brandin Jordan

“With Social Marketing Mastery, I’ve now become a more-rounded digital marketer and applied strategies to help my agency clients. The info is laid out simply & taught excellently.”

Ken Nguyen V2

🇦🇺 Ken Nguyen

“The ad strategies in Social Marketing Mastery work. I eclipsed what I made on Amazon within a month and scaled up to $20K per month with just Facebook Ads. Jump on this course because at the moment, it’s severely underpriced.”

Kevin Potts 150x150 1

🇨🇦 Kevin Potts

“This program has taught me advanced marketing and kept me up to date with current Facebook ad trends and algorithms. I’ve joined programs 6x the price of Social Marketing Mastery and they were subpar (in comparison).”

Daniel Dietzel 1

🇺🇲 Daniel Dietzel

“Andrew is very knowledgeable and personable. He knows what he’s talking about and his mentorship is worth every penny.”

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🇦🇺 Lee Phillips

“This course has solved almost everything really. There’s so many pearls of wisdom that’s delivered and is unlocking the doors to financial freedom for myself and my family.”

Kenneth Drennon

🇺🇲 Kenneth Drennon

“Before Social Marketing Mastery, I was guessing how to run effective ads. I now actually have a plan every time I implement ad strategies. The knowledge obtained and skills learned so far are priceless and well worth the investment.”

Andreas 150x150 1

🇦🇺 Andreas

“I run a marketing agency and after learning and using Social Marketing Mastery strategies, I was able to achieve over $20K p/m in revenue for a client (from $3-5K).”

🇺🇲 Clayson Redden

🇦🇺 Ken Nguyen

🇦🇺 Jonie Raymundo

🇺🇲 Matt Gowens

🇺🇲 Adilene Mouse

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Have a chat with Derek – he’ll answer your questions about the program, how it’s structured or anything else you may be unsure about.

Please note, this is not at all a coaching call. Ensure you’re ready before your scheduled time and individuals booking in calls looking for advice/strategies will be ignored.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the program is invaluable for beginners. Social Marketing Mastery will teach you the fundamentals and give you the strategies to grow your business from scratch with step-by-step lessons and ongoing support in the classroom.

No. Along with teaching the fundamentals, we share advanced strategies and techniques from ad psychology to manual ad scaling lessons to achieve the best results for your business no matter where you’re at.

Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Messenger Ads and Snapchat Ads. You’ll also learn digital marketing fundamentals to apply to other ad platforms.

If you run an online business offering a product or service, this program will teach you how to strategically grow that business and its revenue through profitable paid ads.

No. The end goal is to run ads for your business at a profitable return. In other words, you can start with $50 or $5,000 in ad spend and double or even triple that as sales revenue. The power of mastering paid ads is the ability to do this at scale for your business.

When you enroll, you’ll get a ticket to join the private Mastery classroom where you’ll have instant access to the community. You’ll also get access to Andrew through a monthly group Q&A over video and he’ll also be checking in with the classroom on a weekly basis.

By enrolling, you get full lifetime access to the course, which includes 80+ video lessons and growing!

We do not believe in a “limited access” course where you’ll be booted out. As a bonus, any future updates to the program content are on us!

You can pay in 3 monthly installments or all at once for additional savings. We understand you may want to enroll and learn right away but may not have the funds so we also offer the option of PayPal Credit, which will give you a 6 month interest-free loan. We securely process all payments through PayPal and Stripe, and you’ll get an email receipt immediately after purchase.

Social Marketing Mastery is sold with a single use license.

By purchasing your Social Marketing Mastery, you are granted one revocable, worldwide, non-exclusive license to the product(s) You have purchased.

If you violate this license by giving or selling a copy of Our product(s) to anyone other, or if you imply that anyone who gets access to our product(s) has the right to use it for his/her/its commercial purposes, We reserve the right to invoice you for the licenses you have gifted to others and revoke your access to our product(s) permanently.

Further, the unlawful distribution of Social Marketing Mastery and AEZ MEDIA PTY LTD assets WILL be prosecuted under the under Section 512(c) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (”DMCA”). The Law applies with equal force to any individual and/or company that knowingly or unknowingly resells the aforementioned assets.

We strongly suggest you think twice before attempting to illegally resell Social Marketing Mastery. We have an active team pursuing legal action against those who do. Besides, there are countless ethical business models to pursue – stop wasting your time.

Full Program T&Cs can be viewed here. Further questions can be directed to legal@staging6.andrewethanzeng.com

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