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How To Create Winning Ads to Sky Rocket Sales & Leads in 40 Days

Social Marketing Mastery2.0

  • 80+ Step-by-Step Video Lessons

  • Private Classroom & Collaboration

  • Group Coaching & Monthly Q&As

  • Practical Implementation Program

  • Copywriting & Ad Psychology

  • Cheatsheets, Bonuses & More

Sky Rocket Sales & Profit by Mastering Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing Agency? eCommerce? Dropshipping? Personal Brand?

Fiercely grow your business with winning Facebook Ads, Instagram & proven methodology.

Learn to turn a single advertising dollar, into two dollars in profit or more – at scale!

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 Looking to scale your business with paid ad traffic, but have no clue where to start, or not seeing results?

Feel like you need the exact steps and strategies to create winning ads and secure as many profitable sales, customers and clients as you can possibly handle? 

Social Marketing Mastery will save you the guess-work, time and money.

As someone who has delivered, 2x, 20x, 50x and even 80x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for clients and my own eCommerce businesses, 

I’ll teach you how you can do the same.

$138,000 from $20K in 1 month – recent example of extreme ad scaling (part of my $0-10K Facebook Live Challenge on YouTube)


If you build it…they will not come. You need a special ingredient.

Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Snap Ads are ridiculously powerful tools when building your business and generating demand for your product or service.

When done right, sales and leads come in like clockwork, 24 hours, 7 days of the week. 

No sales person, no manual selling, no time wasted and no fear of zero sales.

These platforms continue to grow too, with a combined reach of over one-fifth of the world! 

That’s a near limitless amount of people to sell to and scale up fast.

Ignore paid ads or do it wrong, and you’ll be left behind in today’s competitive day and age.

case study:

ANDREW'S 72x return on ad spend

SMM Social Media Icons

You’ll learn to master Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Snapchat Ads.


Facebook & Instagram ads is a complex auction place riddled with algorithms. 

Rather than rely on luck, you’ll use proven methods to produce returns in this program.

The fact of the matter is, if you’re still trying to run Facebook ads like you were just a year ago, you’re losing money and missing out on higher ROAS and increasing business profit. 

Doesn’t matter whether you’re in eCommerce, dropshipping, building a personal brand or running a social media marketing agency – 
this program will turn you into a bonafide digital marketing expert.

Becoming a paid ads expert is a wiser investment of your time and money than stocks, real estate or cryptocurrency…

…Because once mastered, you’ll be able to command a Return on Ad Spend accurately and consistently.


The ad secrets and battle-tested strategies in this program will enable you to turn a single advertising dollar into $2, $3 or more in profit.

You’ll outspend your competitors, leaving them in the dust! 

However, unlike others who will sell you on an exaggeration or dream, I will tell you the truth.

The truth is, you cannot do this overnight. But here’s what I’m offering to you:

You don’t need to spend the years and years I’ve invested to achieve the results I’ve achieved with digital marketing.

Because I can teach you both my proven successes AND the mistakes I’ve made, right now.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned marketer, this program will turn your paid marketing strategy into a profitable machine.

It’d be an honor to have you join Social Marketing Mastery and the classroom filled with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Andrew Ethan Zeng

Andrew owns a multiple 6-figure business and has managed a portfolio of clients, ranging from global companies to coaching individuals. He has helped clients achieve up to 7-figure returns from digital marketing platforms and also has works closely with contacts within Google & Facebook as a Senior Digital Marketing Manager in the industry.

 As a digital marketing expert and entrepreneur, he’s now passing his vast expertise to you in his MASTERY programs so you too can replicate his successes and learn from his mistakes.

What's Included in the New program?

80+ Professional Video LESSONS

Featuring over the shoulder type tutorials and step-by-step guides.

All videos are uniquely created by Andrew by scratch and based on his direct experience, working with digital marketing companies and scaling eCom stores throughout the years


Andrew has worked directly with Facebook, Instagram and Google.

You'll get strategies based on not only his knowledge, but what he has learned from digital marketing companies such as Facebook.

Get ready to be in the know with insiders.


While building and growing a business, many of us, including myself, run into mental challenges and limiting beliefs.

In this program, you'll also learn to optimize your work space, work flow and mind to perform at your peak as an entrepreneur.


In true classroom fashion, you'll have access to a private group in the Slack app as part of the program.

Join Andrew, students and like-minded entrepreneurs collaborate and live-troubleshoot.

Weekly Check-ins & MONTHLY VIDEO Q&As with andrew

Not only will you get access to the private classroom, you get direct access to Andrew.

He hosts monthly Q&A sessions for an hour and checks in with his class on a weekly basis. You're getting a truly invested and supportive mentor.


This isn't your typical guru course.

It's a comprehensive, structured 6-week program that'll keep you accountable.

By the end of the program you'll possess the knowledge to run ads like a digital marketing Demi-God.


Facebook & Instagram's platforms are ever-changing including its algorithm. The current program includes the latest changes such as the new Facebook Ads Interface & relevant CBO Strategies.

The content is up to date and WILL be up to date with ongoing additions and program refreshes.

What Our Global Students Are Saying:

Clayson Redden

Jonnie Raymundo

Ken Nguyen

Matt Gowens

Tyson Yuen

Inside The MASTERY™ Classroom:
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once you join social marketing mastery™ 2.0,
You'll Get Full Lifetime Access to:

  • 70+ Step-by-Step Video Lessons

  • Ads & Targeting Secrets

    $2,000+ Value

  • Ad Copy & Psychology Course

    $500 Value

  • Snapchat & CBO Content

    $297 Value

  • Private SMM Classroom

    $5,000+ Value

  • Group Coaching & Monthly Q&A

    $5,000+ Value

  • Lifetime Program Updates

    $2,500 Value

  • Class Collab, Bonuses & More!

    $2,000 Value

Total Value: $17,297


Today's Price:

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Battle-Tested & Proven Strategies

 This IS NOT “fake guru” training showing you how to hack together random ads that may or may not make you a return.

This is an in-depth program with over 80+ professional produced videos revealing how to SCALE YOUR BUSINESS WITH AD TRAFFIC. 

The program is so robust, it’s also perfect for those looking to up skill themselves in digital marketing whether that be to start a marketing agency or freelance.

Weekly Check-Ins & Monthly Q&A Videos

In Social Marketing Mastery™, Andrew checks in with the class on a weekly basis AND holds monthly Q&A calls.

You’re not just buying into a video course, just as importantly you’re getting access to Andrew, his time and the unique classroom.

SMM Monthly Q&A

WATCH: Zero to $30,000+ in 2 Weeks

Unfortunately, there are many inexperienced, unskilled “wantrepreneurs” out there, selling others on a dream.

But unlike most, I’ve worked in a credible corporate role as a Senior Digital Marketing Manager that paid a 6 figure salary. 

He has DIRECTLY worked with Facebook, Instagram, Google & Snapchat. He knows the ins and outs, including industry secrets.

Don’t take my word, watch me go from ZERO to $30,000 in 14 days, with just Facebook Ads. 

The Curriculum

▶ 1. Welcome to the Social Marketing Mastery Program!


▶ 2. Digital Class Pass (1:27)


▶ 3. My Knowledge is Your Knowledge (1:57)


▶ 4. My Facebook Backend (15:37)


▶ 5. Program Projection (2:53)


▶ 6. Class is Commencing (3:36)

▶ 1. Social Page (4:12)


▶ 2. Ad Account Fundamentals (4:42)


▶ 3. Facebook Pixel Structure (4:47)


▶ 4. Instagram Business (2:16)


▶ 5. Pixel Superiority for Conversions (5:06)


▶ 6. Detach from Redistribution (3:04)

▶ 1. Truly Understanding Facebook & Instagram Ads (3:19)


▶ 2. The Facebook Advertising Structure (3:32)


▶ 3. Behind The Algorithm (3:49)


▶ 4. Building Out Your Facebook Ad Structure (10:41)


▶ 5. Correct Alignment of Ad Types (9:46)

▶ 1. Solving the Current Ad Algorithm “Mystery”


▶ 2. Setting Algorithm Expectations 


▶ 3. Ad Level Algorithm


▶ 4. Language Algorithm


▶ 5. Creative Algorithm


▶ 6. Financial Algorithm


▶ BONUS: Resolving a Banned Ad Account

▶ 1. The Anatomy of a Winning Facebook Ad (14:09)


▶ 2. SCO Technique (7:24)


▶ 3. Effective FACO Ad Type (7:58)


▶ 4. Setup of FACO (13:43)


▶ BONUS: Winning Ad Template & Full Tutorial (10:06)

▶ 1. Ad Copy Fundamentals (8:43)


▶ 2. Conversion Copywriting (11:17) 


▶ 3. Micro Macro Copy (3:22)


▶ 4. Common Copywriting Mistake (6:49) 


▶ 5. Crafting an Ad Headline (6:52)


▶ 6. CTA Conversions (5:57)

▶ 1. Importance of Ad Psychology (6:06)


▶ 2. Ad Proofing (3:38)


▶ 3. Omnistacking Technique (7:08) 


▶ 4. Pricing Sweetspots (5:03) 


▶ 5. Aversion & Endowment (3:33)


▶ 6. Precise Priming (6:08)


▶ 7. Ad Toning (6:50)

▶ 1. Identify Your Primary Audience (The 3-Step Process) (7:33)


▶ 2. Cold Audiences Acquisition (14:11)


▶ 3. Building Audience Insights (9:10)


▶ 4. Mobile First Approach (6:49)

▶ 1. Time-lapse Retargeting (13:28) 


▶ 2. Hyper Specific Retargeting (8:00)


▶ 3. Cart Abandonment Retargeting (7:57)


▶ 4. The Burn Pixel (6:30) 

▶ 1. How To Correctly Build Your Assets & Audiences (4:16)


▶ 2. The 2KO Strategy (2:39)


▶ 3. Pageview Goldmine (7:37)


▶ 4. Customizing the Goldmine (6:25) 


▶ 5. Pixel Fast Tracking (10:44)


▶ 6. Securing Conversions & LLAs (12:12)

▶ 1. Current CBO Overview (11:07)


▶ 2. Cut and Filter Method ($20 Strategy) (7:38)


▶ 3. Bidding Adjustments & Hedging Techniques (5:00)


▶ 4. Advanced Scaling Strategies (9:22)


▶ 5. Ad Spend Optimization & Advanced CBO Scaling (10:21)

▶ 1. CBO Product Test Method (7:00)


▶ 2. Detailed CBO Strategy (13:50)


▶ 3. Multivariate Testing Method (3:43)


▶ 4. New Split Testing (10:19)


▶ 5. Ad Automation & Scaling Systemization (4:43)

▶ 1. Instagram Use Case (6:22)


▶ 2. Instagram Specific Formats (7:29)


▶ 3. Instagram Stories Blueprint (5:43)


▶ 4. Instagram Stories Creative Strategy (7:58)


▶ 5. Optimizing & Streamlining Instagram Ads (7:22)

▶ 1. Mind Mastery Overview (12:52)


▶ 2. A Paradigm Shift (12:07)


▶ 3. Kick Start Your Day, Every Day (9:47)


▶ 4. Optimizing Your Desk Space (14:49)


▶ 5. Your Second Brain – My Digital Management System (16:01)


▶ 6. Intentional Music to Maximize Productivity (10:32)


▶ 7. Body Rhythms & Pomodoro Method (11:27)


▶ 8. Multiply Efficiency Without Increasing Workload (9:25)

BONUS VIDEO: Getting Sales with Snapchat Ads 101 (22:05)

BONUS VIDEO: How To Save Time by Getting Facebook Ads on Autopilot (11:05)

BONUS VIDEO: How To Resolve a Banned Ad Account

▶ Manual Bidding & Scaling Guide (PDF)

▶ Ad Targeting Cheatsheet (PDF)

▶ Perfect Ad Checklist (PDF) 

▶ Ad Stacking Cheat Sheet (PDF)

▶ Winning Ad Template (PSD)

▶ Facebook Funnel Cheat Sheet (PDF)

▶ Ecommerce Accounting & Cashflow Spreadsheet (XLS)

▶ List of Resources (PDF)

▶ Banned Ad Account Response Template (PDF)

▶ Ticket to Private Classroom (SLACK)

▶ Monthly Q&A with Andrew and Team (SLACK)

▶ Lifetime Updates to Program


I've gone from employee to entrepreneur by initially building revenue streams through multiple eCommerce stores. 


I've not only built successful businesses, I've also worked directly with Google, Facebook, Instagram and other digital marketing companies as a Senior Digital Marketing Manager. I still have a vast network of contacts in the industry and this is knowledge openly shared in the program and classroom. Not many other Internet Marketers or YouTube gurus hold this level of experience and knowledge.


On top of all this, I've managed 7 digits in ad spend just on Facebook Ads alone. The strategies used gained consistent positive ROAS and at times, up to 80x ROAS (check out my results on YouTube or Instagram @andrewethanzeng). So, you could say I knows a thing or two about digital marketing, building and running profitable online businesses.


It’s safe to say, my eCommerce, digital marketing and strategic comprehension is top tier. You’re in great hands once you enter the Social Marketing Mastery program!

If you'd like to learn more about how Mastery is becoming the go-to program to learn digital marketing and eCommerce, find out more here:​

It definitely is.


This program is designed to help both someone starting from zero through to a seasoned marketing expert and everyone in between.


Let’s just say, if want to fiercely improve your paid ad results period, this program will be beneficial to you. 


No doubt, you’ll absolutely learn a range of new ideas and tactics even as a seasoned expert.


In a world where digital platforms are becoming ever more powerful AND profitable, mastery of paid ad traffic is an exceptional skill to have.



The ultimate goal is a positive return on ad spend. We want to be getting you $X dollars back on that single dollar you spend with Facebook & Instagram ads, at scale.

So in other words, you can literally spend $50, and if you're able to maintain a ROAS of just 5x (which is very much realistic), you'll make $250 back. Once scaled, you can see the potential here.


We also talk about $5-10 test strategies and throughout the program, I am conscious the majority of us do not have thousands of dollars to initially spend on ads. 



We have students in the classroom who own physical retail businesses, personal brands and are affiliate marketers.


Most, if not all, Social Marketing Mastery strategies can be adapted and used for your own business growth.


Digital marketing, when used correctly, can be used to grow any type of business.

We only process refunds if a student has viewed less than 10% of the course, has not accessed the Mastery classroom and has emailed us with a refund request within 14-days from purchase date. This is the process due to the immediate, direct access to all program materials, videos, assets and classroom.


This policy is in place to protect the intellectual property and strategies contained within Mastery programs.


Please ensure you read the details and description of each module and view the T&Cs so you understand exactly what you are purchasing. It is your responsibility to review our sales page and terms and conditions before purchasing, or accessing any of our products and online courses.


We have taken every measure to clearly communicate through all marketing channels, communication platforms, sales pages, and webinars to educate the public on who our programs and online courses would and would not benefit.


We are completely invested in ensuring you get the most out of this program, so please send an email to [email protected] if you have any questions prior to enrolling in the course, and we guarantee we'll provide you with an honest answer to ensure you make the best decision for you.

We're happy to provide a business invoice should you wish to expense the program through your own Company, or with your Employer.

Social Marketing Mastery is sold with a single use license.

By purchasing your Social Marketing Mastery, you are granted one revocable, worldwide, non-exclusive license to the product(s) You have purchased.

If you violate this license by giving or selling a copy of Our product(s) to anyone other, or if you imply that anyone who gets access to our product(s) has the right to use it for his/her/its commercial purposes, We reserve the right to invoice you for the licenses you have gifted to others and revoke your access to our product(s) permanently.

Further, the unlawful distribution of Social Marketing Mastery and AEZ MEDIA PTY LTD assets WILL be prosecuted under the under Section 512(c) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (”DMCA”). The Law applies with equal force to any individual and/or company that knowingly or unknowingly resells the aforementioned assets.

We strongly suggest you think twice before attempting to illegally resell Social Marketing Mastery. We have an active team pursuing legal action against those who do. Besides, there are countless ethical business models to pursue – stop wasting your time.

Full Program T&Cs can be viewed here. Further questions can be directed to [email protected]

DMCA & COPYRIGHT: Social Marketing Mastery™ is purchased under a single use license. The unlawful distribution of Social Marketing Mastery and AEZ MEDIA PTY LTD assets WILL be prosecuted under the under Section 512(c) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (”DMCA”). The Law applies with equal force to any individual and/or company that knowingly or unknowingly resells the aforementioned assets.

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