My Premium Tech & Essentials to Travel Well

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Hey friends, Andrew here – hope you’re well.

When traveling, luggage space is precious so I’m always refining the tech and travel essentials I take on the road.

Over the past year, I’ve found some new game-changing travel essentials that I’m excited to share with you, while I’m in San Francisco for work.

These items will help you travel more conveniently, work productively, and get the most out of your trip. So whether you’re preparing for an upcoming work trip or a hard-earned vacation: here are the essentials you should pack!

Main Travel Bags

Carl Friedrik Trunk 

Let’s start with the all-important luggage and carry-on bags.

I still use and love Cark Friedrik suitcases, but recently I’ve upgraded to the new Carl Friedrik Trunk.

You can probably tell right away, it has a unique shape and size and that’s exactly what makes this unique luggage so versatile and convenient.

Opening it up, there’s an 80/20 compartment split which means the main compartment is super deep and it’s able to hold bulky items like boots or just stacks of clothes – perfect for longer trips.

It’s also one of the rare few suitcases that come with a set of mesh packing cubes and dividers, something I don’t ever go without now. The packing cubes help to neatly organize the suitcase and make the most out of the space.

It also has all the qualities that made me fall in love with their other suitcases: like the German-engineered Polycarbonate build that’s durable, lightweight, and looks super sleek going through an airport.

And the 360-degree Hinomoto spinner wheels are a lifesaver – having silky smooth and silent wheels is so underrated when you’re on the run with a suitcase.

It’s a quality suitcase that’s worth the money in my opinion, looks the part but still flies under the radar which is another thing I appreciate when traveling. 


Something that doesn’t fly under the radar is the Rimowa Check-In Luggage

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I got this a year ago and the build quality is insanely good and so is its immediately recognizable styling – this could be either a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it.

What I don’t like about it though, is the really limited space you get in the compartments and how heavy it is – this is probably one of the heaviest suitcases I’ve used even when it’s not packed.

It is a super solid, stylish suitcase that can last a lifetime but honestly after using it for a year, it’s hard to recommend to others but it is overall a super solid, stylish suitcase that can last a lifetime.

Harber London

Next is a quality backpack and my go-to when traveling is still Harber London’s Classic Rucksack, which I’ve used for years.

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It’s held up really well after lots of use around the world and I like to slip it onto my suitcase handle to help take the load off my back when traveling. It’s a game changer not needing to keep it on my back.  

There’s a heap of compartments in the bag and it’s where my travel essentials live, I’ll show you all of that in a moment. But yeah, I appreciate the recycled plastic construction and overall design of the bag – it caters to travelers who carry lots of tech and essentials.

In-Flight Essentials

Twelve South AirFly Pro 

Next are the must-have items I keep on me during the flight and the first one is going to blow your mind.

The AirFly Pro and basically what it does is a wireless transmitter that I plug into the plane’s headphone jack and then I can finally use my wireless headphones to watch content in flight.

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Plus two pairs of headphones can connect to it so my partner can watch the movie with me. 

I previously used my AirPods Max with a 3.5mm jack but it takes up a tonne of space in my bag and so now with just this tiny device along with the AirPods Pro, I have solid noise canceling experience that also doesn’t feel heavy on my head after hours of use! 

Plus the AirPods Pro nicely doubles up as really effective noise-canceling earplugs when I’m trying to get some shut-eye on the flight. 

Orbitkey 2 in 1 Tech Pouch

I recently updated my tech kit to Orbitkey’s 2 in 1 Tech Pouch and this is another one of those purchases that have proven to be super useful. 

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It looks like any other tech kit, but there’s a detachable mini pouch for quick access to my high-use items I might want to take to a cafe with less bulk. 

Bulkier items like the mouse, and laptop charger – I’ll keep that in the larger pouch with me so I can continue working on the plane while having everything else neatly packed away in arms reach.

Pro tip, it’s worth keeping the SIM card ejector tool in a pouch in case you need to buy a physical SIM card. 

Bellroy Toiletry Kit

Now the other kit I carry is a toiletry bag, which comes in clutch on the plane. 

It holds all my knick-knacks from an emergency toothbrush and toothpaste to an eyemask and bandages- this is perfect when I need to get ready for a flight, before landing, or during my mornings and evenings in the hotel. 

Slim Memo Bottle

Travel can be physically demanding so having a water bottle on hand to keep you hydrated is important, especially on a plane.

I’ve started using this ultra-thin bottle because it fits nicely into my backpack whereas most bottles wouldn’t fit into my full bag.

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It holds about 20 ounces or 600ml of water, which is a lot more than the little cups they give you in flight that’s barely enough to keep you from dehydration.

Plus I think it just looks sleek in stealth black!


Keeping your tech fully charged is crucial, but it can be a hassle if you’re traveling to multiple countries with different power outlets, these are two items that solve that problem and make life easier.

Snap Powerpack

Instead of carrying 6 different chargers and cables, this little charging cube has all my charging needs in one place.

It’s a universal power pack that has built-in cables, pass-through charging, fast charging for my laptop, and even an integrated 10W wireless charger to charge my AirPods and phone.

It holds a full charge and I can see the remaining juice left on the LED screen, plus it comes with a bunch of travel adapters for different countries.

I just wish the cables could extend out more to reach my laptop from the power outlet when using passthrough charging. Overall though, this simplifies my cables and chargers into one spot. 

All-in-One Universal Charger

Then I also use the budget universal charger I got from Amazon for charging just about everything else. 

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It has integrated power plugs for different regions with 3 USB and one USB-C output, which is what I use to charge my remaining devices overnight like cameras. 


Speaking of cameras, these are the main ones that I take with me on every trip to capture memories.

Leica Q3

The Leica Q3 is still my go-to everyday travel camera. It’s the one camera I almost always reach for when I want to capture a beautiful shot that’ll last a lifetime. 

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The German-made lens, huge 60MP sensor, and quality optics churn out the most amazing shots without fail just about anywhere. Just take a look at these shots! 

It’s also built like a total tank with its all-metal shell and complete weather sealing, it’s a camera I’ve used in harsh environments without a worry.

More affordable cameras I’ve used and loved for travel are the Sony A6400 and Fuji X100 series and can vouch for them.

Ray-Ban Meta

A game-changer for capturing content is the Ray-Ban Meta glasses, which look and work like ordinary sunglasses but double up as a point-of-view camera!

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These have been incredible capturing special moments but also helping keep me in the moment and enjoy the present. It’s wild to be able to film a tourist hotspot through my sunglasses hands-free while everyone else has their phones out staring at their screen recording. 

It’s also just a proper pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses I would’ve packed either way, so the added camera functionality is quite handy. 

iPhone 15 Pro + Flighty App

Then of course I have my phone, this is the iPhone 15 Pro and honestly these days, it’s almost as good as a dedicated camera, especially when ProRAW mode is switched on.

No matter the moment, my phone’s there and if they’re casual shots to just share with friends and family or practice travel photography, it’s more than enough. 

And besides being a great camera, it’s where I get organized every day and do work on the go.

One of the travel apps I’ve been loving and I recommend you get is the Flighty app.

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It’s a completely free app that imports all your upcoming and planned flights into one place and nicely visualizes your travel path in a world view.

It’s able to show me exactly when the flight will depart and even the gate I need to be at in real-time. 

It’s sort of like my passport for all my flights in one place and a great free travel companion. 

Camera Cube

I am sure to pack all the cameras in the Camera Cube with foldable dividers and a canvas shell for easy packing and protecting all the valuable cameras. 

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Remote Work Setup

Moving on, here are the work essentials I take on the go so I’m able to still do my best work from anywhere in the world.

MacBook Air M3

The workhorse of my remote setup is currently the MacBook Air M3 and there are two reasons why I think this is an incredible laptop for travel.

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Number one is the lightweight form factor, at 13” it weighs only 2.7 pounds and fits well into my backpack. 

Second is the insane performance and battery life considering its small form factor. The M3 chip is powerful enough to cut through just about any task remotely and I consistently get 15 hours of use on a single charge.

This means I can ditch the chargers back at the hotel and work wherever I need to, whether that’s a cafe or a dedicated office.

Logitech Mini MX Keys + Anywhere 3S Mouse

To extend my laptop into a more productive setup, I’ll usually bring along the Logitech Mini MX Keyboard and Anywhere 3S mouse.

They’re small and light enough to fit into a bag with the MacBook Air, and having a dedicated mouse and keyboard makes working remotely that much easier and enjoyable.

Twelve South Stand 

It also allows me to prop up the laptop on a stand so I’m at eye level with my laptop and I’m not craning my neck all day.

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All together, this makes for an ergonomic setup where I can focus wherever I am and get proper work done.

Opal Tadpole Webcam

My go-to remote webcam is the Opal Tadpole webcam and I mean look at how tiny this thing is! 

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They’ve managed to cram in a 48MP Sony Sensor and a microphone into this tiny form factor and it helps me bring my best self to video calls since they’re a big part of remote work.

This one’s easy to just slip into a bag or even your pocket.

reMarkable Notepad

Then the final piece in my travel work kit is the reMarkable notepad.

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It’s an e-ink notepad that feels and writes like paper and has over 2 weeks of battery life.

It’s replaced my physical notepads because it’s physically lighter and can store as many notes and pages as I need and it’s nice to jot down thoughts and notes on during a flight or alongside my laptop.

Useful Extras

Finally here are some useful extras that add lots of value to a trip. 

Bellroy Travel Wallet & Passport Holder

I still use Bellroy’s Slim Wallet and Passport Holders to store my essential cards, and a small amount of cash, and for peace of mind, it’s RFID-blocking to protect from card skimming.

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The passport holder is a great place to store your passport safely and also acts as handy storage for other documents like boarding passes and ID cards.

AMEX Platinum Card

One must have a credit card I carry when traveling is the AMEX Platinum Card.

This card has so many travel perks like access to 1,400 airport lounges around the world where I can enjoy a meal and drink free of charge and get some work done in a nice space. Sometimes there’ll even be free massages and spa shower areas.

This card also has a tonne of other perks including travel insurance, free hotel and car hire upgrades, and things like that. There is a big annual fee but if you travel often it pays itself back 5 fold. 

Toothbrush USB-C

My current go-to toothbrush is the Phillips Sonicare 9900 and only because it includes a really great travel case. 


Not only is it compact but it uses USB-C for charging so it’s one less cable and charger to carry around so I can just pop it into the case and charge it from the charging cube.

Plus it lasts 2-3 weeks anyway on a full charge so it has gone an entire trip without needing a charge. 

Two Watch Holder

Then finally, I have a double watch holder that I recently got as a gift – it’s a great way to bring a couple of watches with you on a trip and an easy way to elevate a basic outfit when heading out to a more formal event abroad. 

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