LG G4 OLED – Dolby Atmos Soundbar: LG S95TR (Unboxing & Impressions)

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The LG G4 OLED TV has firmly established itself as one of the best OLED TVs on the market, offering unparalleled visual quality and performance. However, to fully harness the potential of this remarkable TV, pairing it with a compatible surround sound system is essential. In this article, we’ll explore the LG S95TR soundbar, a Dolby Atmos-compatible 9.1.5 system designed to complement the LG G4 OLED TV. We’ll delve into its features, setup process, and the overall experience it provides.

LG S95TR Soundbar

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After using the LG G4 OLED TV for a few months, it’s clear that it stands out as the best OLED TV available. Many new owners likely share this sentiment. While the TV itself is excellent, integrating it with a native LG surround sound system designed specifically for the LG G4 can enhance the viewing experience significantly. LG sent over the S95TR sound system for review, a Dolby Atmos-compatible 9.1.5 setup featuring a triple up-firing soundbar, a dedicated subwoofer, and two wireless rear speakers. This system promises a comprehensive and immersive audio experience.

9.1.5 Speaker Setup

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Unboxing the LG S95TR is an exciting process. The system includes an 810-watt Dolby Atmos soundbar, two wireless rear speakers, and a subwoofer, all boasting a sleek black design. Additional accessories include a remote control with batteries, a wall mount bracket, an HDMI cable, manuals, and warranties. The wireless rear speakers are particularly noteworthy, offering a clutter-free setup that complements the full Dolby Atmos surround sound system.

Setting up the system involves connecting the components and using the LG soundbar app to run an AI room calibration test. This test measures the room’s dimensions and detects speaker placement, optimizing audio settings for the specific environment. This user-friendly process enhances the overall setup experience, making it straightforward and efficient.

AI Calibration

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The AI room calibration feature is a standout innovation. It adjusts audio settings based on the room’s layout and furnishings, ensuring optimal sound quality. This feature is crucial because every room differs in size, ceiling height, and furniture placement. AI calibration saves users time by automatically optimizing settings, though manual adjustments are still an option for those who prefer a hands-on approach.

Post-calibration, the difference in audio quality is evident, with balanced volume and improved spatial sound distribution. The feature ensures that regardless of the room’s configuration, the audio output is always optimized for the best listening experience.

WOW Orchestra & Comparison Test

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One of the most exciting features unlocked by pairing the LG S95TR with the LG G4 OLED TV is WOW Orchestra. This feature synchronizes the TV’s built-in speakers with the external sound system, creating a cohesive and enhanced audio experience. By leveraging the TV’s existing speakers alongside the soundbar and rear speakers, WOW Orchestra maximizes the audio output, providing a more immersive soundstage.

Testing this feature revealed a substantial improvement in audio quality. Dialogue became clearer, sound effects were more pronounced, and the overall listening experience was significantly enhanced. The ability to use the TV speakers in conjunction with the soundbar and rear speakers ensures that no audio potential is wasted, making for a more engaging and immersive viewing experience.

AI Sound Pro

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Another exclusive feature of the LG G4 and S95TR combo is AI Sound Pro. This mode takes audio enhancement a step further by analyzing the content being viewed and optimizing sound output accordingly. Whether it’s movies, gaming, or nature documentaries, AI Sound Pro adjusts the audio settings to highlight the most important elements, creating a richer and more immersive experience.

The smart up-mixer feature converts two-channel audio into virtual multi-channel sound, utilizing all available speakers to their fullest potential. This ensures that even standard audio content is given a surround sound treatment, enhancing the overall listening experience.

Full Surround Sound System

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Integrating the LG S95TR with the LG G4 OLED TV results in a comprehensive surround sound system that leverages AI and WOW Orchestra for superior audio clarity and immersive sound. The 810-watt power output delivers impressive volume and depth, capable of filling any room with rich, detailed sound.

Whether used for movies, gaming, or music, this setup provides a top-tier audio experience that complements the world-class visuals of the LG G4 OLED TV. The ability to integrate the TV speakers with the full surround sound setup and utilize AI and WOW Orchestra for optimized audio clarity ensures an exceptional listening experience.


For those considering an upgrade or looking to enhance their current LG TV setup, the LG S95TR sound system offers a powerful, feature-rich solution that brings out the best in the LG G4 OLED TV. Its integration of AI calibration, WOW Orchestra, and AI Sound Pro ensures a premium audio experience that complements the stunning visuals of the OLED display.

Even if you own a different LG TV or soundbar, the compatibility of these features across various models means you can still enjoy enhanced audio performance. The LG S95TR’s sophisticated design, powerful output, and advanced features make it a standout choice for anyone looking to create an immersive home entertainment setup.

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