LG G4 OLED 77″ – Best TV in 2024? (Full Setup & First Impressions)

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Hey friends, Andrew here, hope you’re well.

LG’ 77” G4 TV is a flagship OLED TV and on first impression, this is the most dynamic and brightest TV I’ve ever seen and used.

Today I’ll be unboxing it, wall mounting the TV, going over all its incredible new features, and sharing my very first impression after using it during the daytime and at night for a week since its launch! 

This is the TV I’ve been most excited to own and test because the previous LG G3 was widely regarded as the best TV of 2023, and let’s see if the LG G4 TV lives up to its name.


It arrived in a big box and this is not a review unit from LG, it’s a TV I bought myself, so this is the actual retail box on launch day.

And this year, we get a separate box included for the TV stand so we now have the option to both wall mount or use a solid TV stand because the previous G3 didn’t come with an included stand.

Being the 77” size, it is pretty big and heavy so you’ll want someone helping you get the precious TV out of the box and installed. We found it easiest to lay it down on the rug on the protective film and unbox it that way.     

TV Stand

What I’ll do is attach the TV on the stand first just to show you the design and ports if you’re planning to use the TV stand, but I’ll personally be wall-mounting the TV.

The TV stand is solid and attaching it on was easy enough with the provided screws. The stand is sturdy and it angles the TV slightly backwards. Sitting the TV on the shelf – it is big and it covers the entire length of the shelf.

In the rear, we get 3 HDMI 2.1 ports, one eARC port for your soundbar, 3 USB ports, 1 LAN port, cable and satellite ports, and an optical audio out port. 

Turning the TV on for a quick test, the screen is gorgeous. My first thought is just how crispy the picture quality is and also just how bright it gets. Right out of the box, the TV is looking incredible. 

I also ran an in-built speaker test by watching some content and seriously, on first impressions the down-firing speakers on the TV are one of the best built-in TV speakers I’ve heard and are improved by LG’s AI Acoustic Tuning and Voice Remastering. I’m keen to test these speakers more in my full review. 

Inside the box, we get the remote, the double A batteries included for the remote, an IR blaster, a bunch of manuals, back covers, and the slim wall mount.

Wall Mounting & Setup

I won’t be using the included slim wall mount, I’ve opted to use a universal TV mount so I can switch out the TV at any time since I’ll probably be reviewing other TVs in the future. 

The installation was pretty straightforward once the TV mount was installed, and we added a cable runway to hide the cables. So with the mount, there’s a slight gap behind the TV so I can reach behind and change around the cables,  but if you choose to use the slim wall mount it’ll sit flush to the wall.

Now it’s time to take off the protective film and immediately it is less reflective in a bright lounge room and it’s looking great mounted on the wall.

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Now before I turn it on and set it up, I spent some time setting up a soundbar – the Sonos Arc and adding two rear Era 300 speakers. As great as the built-in speakers are on the LG G4, it won’t beat a dedicated surround sound setup. 

I’ve also added a cable box underneath the TV console to hide any additional cables, tidied the place up, and all together I think this setup is ultra clean once it’s wall-mounted. 


The LG G4’s design is incredible, the seamless bezels are a beauty and look like a borderless window into a different world!

The TV has a thickness of just one inch and combined with its flat back and brushed metal finish, this TV has a very premium design and feel. 

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If you’ve seen the previous LG G3 in person you’ll know how good this looks because its design is identical to the G4. 

And to help you out if you’re planning on wall mounting this TV, it’s 67.5 inches wide and 38 inches tall and about 82.5 pounds without the TV stand.  

The remote feels a bit underwhelming in build quality, considering how great the TV looks and feels. But I’ll be setting up the Apple TV so I’ll use the remote more anyway.

OLED Screen

Now that everything is finally set up, the OLED display is truly incredible right out of the box.  

I was blown away by how good this looks in person the first time using it, it looks a ton better than my Samsung Frame TV, my previous B3 OLED, and even the previous LG G3 TV. 

I was shocked at how bright the TV gets, which is perfect for the lounge room where it gets a lot of direct sunlight every hour of the day and that’s without tweaking any TV settings. Actually, I had to turn down the OLED pixel brightness to record a video to avoid overblowing the highlights, the panel is incredibly bright.  

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The 4K HDR content looks stunning on the TV too and I can see why the LG G4 is the LG’s flagship TV to beat. So far, I’ve watched a few movies, F1’s Drive To Survive TV series and played a few PS5 games, and the tones, colors, and sharpness are unparalleled and look lifelike in any lighting situation and time of day in the room.

And black levels are incredibly deep since this is an OLED display. And that’s because the pixels are individually controlled, they can completely turn off when they need to reproduce areas of true black rather than what you often see which is washed-out blacks seen in non-OLED screens.   

Paired with the brighter display, it’s perfectly viewable during the day and I cannot wait to tweak the settings and get the most out of this TV, which I’ll share in my full review in a few weeks. 

AI Features 

On first impression, the new Alpha 11 processor combined with the Micro Lens Array technology and onboard AI makes a big difference, and the leap in brightness and picture quality from the G3 is noticeable.

I was pretty skeptical before turning it on, thinking surely AI wouldn’t make that much of a difference or might even interfere with picture quality but I was wrong. The new AI processor does make a noticeable difference and the picture quality is truly impressive.  

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It helps solve some LG G3 issues like the lack of HDR10+ and its weird HDR colors, plus the new AI Director feature is a decent mode to help adjust colors for the content you’re watching to look more like the director’s intent.

Basically, in this mode, the processor analyzes pixels to sharpen the picture and refine colors and there are even AI features to help boost audio.  

I’ve dived deeper into the AI features and picture quality after I spent a few weeks with this TV and I’ll share my honest opinion in the full review video.  


Now when it comes to gaming, the G4 could still well be the best TV for gaming this year.

It has the full kitchen sink to throw at gaming including a new 144Hz refresh rate, super-fast 1ms response time, NVIDIA G Sync, AMD FreeSync Premium, VRR support, and LG’s game optimizer UI. 

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The HDMI 2.1 ports unlock the TV’s full gaming potential and gaming looks simply stunning on the LG G4 TV. 

So far, I’ve been playing a few PS5 games, and based on that experience, the image quality is mind-blowing, the motion is ultra smooth and the deep blacks are incredible and atmospheric, especially in a game like Resident Evil 2. 

You’ll want to tweak the in-built LG game optimizer settings and this is also where you can check your refresh rate, and VRR options at a glance and tweak picture settings. 

The faster refresh rate of 1 ms on the LG G4 is blazing fast. It’s perfectly suited for fast-paced shooters and makes gaming that much more immersive. 

First Impressions

My first impression of the 77-inch G4 is that it’s a downright incredible TV and is a strong contender for best TV of the year. 

This TV ticks every single box when it comes to a high-end TV and the new AI processor is set to take this flagship TV to new heights. 

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The MLA and OLED tech with the boosted brightness, faster response time, and insane color reproduction is such a joy to use. I don’t think I’ve seen a better TV in person 

Upfront it’s hard to find a negative right now – maybe not everyone will want or bother with the AI features and it is an expensive TV. But we get so many improvements and even an included stand along with the slim mounting bracket this year. 

I’m excited to keep testing this TV over the coming month, hook it up to a full home theatre setup with my new Sonos surround sound system, and tweak the picture quality settings so be sure to watch out for that review.

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