LG G4 OLED – 1 Month Later: Is it Worth Buying?

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Hey friends, Andrew here – hope you’re well!

Today let’s take an in-depth look at the G4 OLED which is LG’s latest flagship TV on first impression, this is the best OLED and TV I’ve ever used and it has completely transformed my cinematic experience in the living room. 

We know it has a powerful new processor, incredible picture quality, new AI features, LG’s latest webOS 24 interface, and the best gaming features including a 144Hz refresh rate, but what makes the TV one of the best TVs you can buy?

Well, I’ve spent the past two months since launch day using the TV, watching plenty of movies, and even hooking the G4 to a gaming PC to test the new 144Hz feature, so hopefully, my review today will give you an idea of how incredible this flagship TV is.

Picture Quality

Let’s start with the picture quality on the G4 because it’s incredible. The MLA OLED panel paired with the new Alpha 11 processor produces perfect contrast, insanely deep blacks, and a tact sharp image that needs to be seen in person to understand just how good this is.

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The color reproduction is also top-notch and looks great right out of the box with little to no calibration. The microlens array tech helps to increase the color volume and you can see it in the G4. 

Watching lots of different movies and TV shows over the last month from the very colorful and bright Blue Eyed Samurai to more gritty shows like Dark, there was not a moment that I felt like the picture quality or colors were lacking: every scene was impressive and will blow you away.

Let’s take an even closer look with a 90mm macro lens, and you can start to see the individual pixels which would be hard to see with your own eyes at a macro level, you can see the slight chromatic fringing but unless you’re pressing your head right up against the TV which I hope isn’t how you’ll be enjoying this TV, then picture quality will always be tact sharp in almost any situation.

Software Update (03.10.27) 

An important side note: if you just got your G4, make sure you install the big software update that recently launched. If you don’t see the prompt, go into Settings >  Support > Software Update and go ahead and download the update it’s worth turning on Auto Update too so you don’t need to think about it in the future. 

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It’s a big 1776MB update but it fixes initial bugs and performance issues. 

Brightness and HDR

Now the G4 is brighter than any other previous LG TV and as soon as I first turned it on, it was eye-wateringly bright and noticeably brighter than the G3. It’s so bright that it can be too bright for nighttime viewing – a friend commented that it was uncomfortably bright at night. 

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The 55 to 83-inch versions of the G4 feature the new second-gen MLA OLED panel and LG claims the G4 is 50% brighter than the G3 with a maximum of 3000 nits. And that’s also thanks to the Max Peak Highlighter feature and AI processor that helps enhance brightness to ridiculous levels – the G4 was already super bright thanks to MLA tech and Brightness Booster Max. 

The highlights are elevated but not overblown and the colors are so vibrant without compromising on picture quality or black levels. Because the black levels are still great in bright rooms and there’s no color fringing around text and objects

The TV supports Dolby Vision up to 4K 120Hz and this is how you’ll take advantage of the new peak brightness, so HDR looks brilliant and it handles HDR colors well. With Dolby Vision enabled or when the HDR logo appears, you will see what the TV is capable of and the viewing experience is just sublime. It handles HDR colors well.

Of course, lots of content you watch will still be in SDR but I highly recommend putting on an HDR-supported movie, game, or TV show as soon as you get this TV.

Viewing Angles & Anti-Reflective Coating

The picture quality and brightness are top-tier, but what about viewing angles and reflections? Well, you can watch the G4 at any angle in your room and be able to enjoy the G4 in all its glory so that’s perfect for larger rooms or different couch positioning. I didn’t find any significant brightness or color variations across the screen and image quality is great from all angles and that’s a big perk of OLED displays.


But the screen is still super glossy and reflective especially in the middle of the day so the anti-reflective coating and tinted glass only do so much to remove the glare. 

I have a big feature window right behind the sofa directly opposite the TV that challenges the glossy display but the saving grace is the incredible brightness that we talked about thankfully it’s perfectly viewable during the day but if you sit the TV directly in sunlight you’re going to struggle with the reflections so you’ll want to limit that light coming through. 

AI Features & Processor

So far, the TV sounds like any other high-end OLED panel right? But what makes the G4 different is its new Alpha 11 processor and onboard AI features and it does a lot to improve picture quality.


This year we get AI super scaling, AI Picture Pro, AI Super Resolution, and AI Object Enhancing plus Noise Reduction one of the highlight features within AI Picture Pro is the Director Processing Mode and after switching this mode on for a few movies over the last month I have to say I like it…but I don’t love it. 

What it does on paper is it allows the G4 to fix saturation, hues, and overall color tones by analyzing the entire picture in real time to try and detect a director’s intended color tone and adapt the picture to try and match that intent.

When watching Wes Anderson movies where colors are really fun and vibrant, the AI does a decent job lifting the colors and tones but in movies that aren’t so clear cut in their color theory, sometimes the processing seems too dull or too saturated.

When it gets it right, the AI upscaling and object enhancing has done a great job lifting the picture quality to differentiate it from the G3 but for the purists, you’ll still want to manually calibrate the TV and customize settings.

Speakers & Sound

The LG G4 has downward firing speakers in a 4.2 60W setup, which are boosted by AI Sound Pro too.

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As I mentioned in my first impressions video, TV speakers won’t ever beat dedicated speakers but the G4’s speakers are truly one of the best in-built speakers I’ve heard, especially on Dolby Atmos-enabled content. 


The G4 happens to be one of the best TVs for gaming on the market right now and ticks every box when it comes to PS5 and Xbox Series X. The four HDMI 2.1 ports provide 4K gaming at 120Hz with the whole kitchen sink of gaming features like variable refresh rate, NVIDIA G Sync, Auto Low Latency Mode, and AMD FreeSync Premium all found in LG’s awesome Game Optimizer mode.

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This all adds up to an ultra-smooth gaming experience and I’ve been playing lots of different games, especially fast-moving games like Need For Speed Unbound and it looks mind-blowing on the G4. Even the very muted color scenes in Resident Evil look incredible and engaging.

The second-gen MLA OLED panel shines bright when playing games and you can’t help but think that the G4 is made for gaming.

144Hz PC Gaming Test & VRR Flicker

But this year, the LG G4 supports up to 144Hz, and since consoles max out at 120Hz, I plugged in my gaming PC with a Nvidia 3080GTX I just put in recently so hooking this all up to the LG G4 to test, and wow, 144Hz is so smooth and incredible on the TV. 

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I did see a difference in gaming at 120Hz on the PS5 compared to 144Hz on the gaming PC on the TV but the truth is not many are going to be using the LG G4 with a gaming PC and 4K 120Hz is only recently becoming the norm it’s going to be a while until we need and see higher refresh rate gaming.

Sometimes with VRR switched on, gamma flicker is a known issue on OLEDs when the gamma curve doesn’t adapt to the different refresh rates, but I haven’t run into this issue yet.

Design & TV Stand 

Now the overall look of the TV is premium and I’ve been enjoying how it looks mounted on the wall even when the G4 isn’t on. 

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The brushed metal frame gives it that sleek expensive feel and it looks like a frame experience on the wall since the TV is made to be mounted especially with the included slim wall mount that gets it flush to the wall but the universal wall mount I’m using is good enough for me and makes it more convenience when changing out cables from behind.

Many of you had questions about the included stand in the previous video and yes all G4 sizes this year get a stand included in certain regions.

The stand looks good and holds up the TV but it does tilt back slightly to distribute the weight of the heavy TV but the G4 is still designed to be mounted so if you have the space and you’re able to: I’d recommend sticking to the wall mount.

WebOS 24

The TV isn’t perfect and a part of the letdown is the default UI and menu which is LG’s WebOS 24.

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The new home screen layout and appearance is a nicer, neater layout and I also really appreciate the new My Team feature for live sports score notifications, sports schedules, and results.

But it’s still quite slow and unresponsive and the homepage is filled with tonnes of ads there is a setting to turn off the ads but it doesn’t seem to turn off all ads.


And that brings me to the remote, which just doesn’t feel up to standard for such an expensive flagship TV. It doesn’t look the part and can sometimes feel unresponsive. You can turn on the SIMP link to have it control different inputs like the Apple TV but I don’t recommend it because the remote has limited functionality and I wasn’t able to return to certain screens with the back button for example.


Picture Settings

The picture settings were requested in my first impressions video so here they are and feel free to adjust your settings. 

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The first thing you want to do is turn off Energy Saving Mode so you get access to all the settings and get the most performance out of your LG G4 TV.

So here are my brightness settings, I’ve used Film Maker Mode as a base and make sure to turn dynamic tone mapping on too.

Next are my color and clarity settings – I haven’t tweaked these too much from the base settings, I find that it looks great out of the box. And if you guys have any recommended setting changes, please let me know in the comments! 

Is the LG G4 the Best TV?

If you’re after the very best TV you can buy right now to use for gaming and movies, the LG G4 is the one to get.

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It has the most incredible picture quality, an eye-wateringly bright display, all the gaming and movie features you need and want, and an ultra-premium design. 

But as good as the TV is, ultimately no one needs a new TV every generation, and if you have the LG G3 or even C3 the changes even though significant probably don’t justify spending a load of money on this TV. 

But coming from a Samsung Frame and LG B3 OLED myself, this was a big leap and the difference is absolutely night and day.

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