I Tried Smart Glasses for Work & 120Hz Gaming

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Hey friends, Andrew here – hope you’re well!

I’ve been using the latest AR glasses for a week for full 120hz gaming and even working at an empty desk and they’ve been blowing my mind! 

These are the XREAL Air Pro 2 AR Glasses and they’re lighter than ever, have super futuristic electrochromic dimming and it’s like having a 330” screen in your pocket wherever you go!

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After using it for a week, I have to say: that these are the best AR glasses I’ve used yet and I’m excited to show you its ability to game at 120hz anywhere, and how I’ve used AR glasses and a laptop to work productively at an empty desk.

Unboxing & Design

Right out of the very artistic box, we get the travel case with the updated AR glasses these are 5 grams lighter than the previous XREAL Air glasses and you can feel it in hand, then there are the block-out shades included for cinema-like blackout viewing, the detachable USC-C cable, an included microfiber cloth and also three different nose pads.

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And if you’re short or long-sighted, the optional prescription lenses you can purchase have you covered too. 

Putting these on for the first time, I was surprised at how much more comfortable and light these are compared to the previous XREAL Air, and that’s thanks to the slight redesign with longer temples, comfier nose pad,s and softer tips that sit more nicely around my ears.

They also look like a slightly chunkier pair of sunglasses, so wearing these out to a library, cafe or even the plane doesn’t look out of place. 

To connect these glasses to your device, all you have to do is plug the included USB-C cord into your laptop, phone, or most USB-C devices and it’ll mirror the screen and project it onto the AR glasses. You could get creative and plug these into a drone monitor and fly a drone in first-person view, which is wild!

I’m going to do the best I can to demonstrate the AR Glasses as realistically as possible, but it’s tricky to capture what AR looks like so I’ll do the best I can to give you an idea of what I’m seeing.

New Features

These glasses work by projecting an image through two 1080p displays, one on each side of the lens that work together to give the illusion of projected 3D depth. These displays are Sony’s latest micro OLED displays that now reach up to 500 nits in brightness.

And putting these on, they look just incredible. Watching movies on a gigantic screen is a cinema-like experience and you get those really deep blacks from OLED displays. It’s impressive these displays are tiny half-inch displays.  


Tapping the side button activates the new immersion control, which is great for blocking out excess light to get really immersed in the content. 

So there are three dimming levels from 0%, 35%, and 100%, which you can cycle through by pressing the button on the side of the glasses.

I personally found that 0% is great when working at a desk for that real AR experience where you can see everything around you and the monitor is floating on your desk, 35% is great for a brighter room or when you’re outside but still need to be aware of your surroundings and 100% dims almost all the lights for a fully immersive experience, perfect for movies or gaming.

For a full blackout experience though, you’ll want to pop on the new blackout shades and these look way better than the previous shades because when you have them on, they still manage to look like stylish sunglasses.

Gaming & Movies

Speaking of gaming, the XREAL Air 2 Pro transforms a portable gaming session.

Plugging it into my iPhone and opening a 120Hz compatible game like Call of Duty Mobile and it’s such a dope experience.

It’s pretty incredible to see your phone screen blown up to a gigantic screen in a living room and the visuals are sharp and smooth at 120Hz, even for mobile gaming.

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Using it with portable gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck gives you a TV gaming setup just about anywhere and this is something I’d love to take on a plane exploring Tears of the Kingdom’s world on a huge screen in-flight. Time would fly by in a long-haul flight.

Watching a full-length movie right from my phone’s Netflix app is really enjoyable too and the real magic is watching these movies on huge screens in places you don’t ever get to use a big display like a plane or a cafe, the immersion control lets you see everything around you in these places too! 

The built-in dual speakers are great and help with the immersive experience too. They’re open speakers at the top and bottom of each temple and sound pretty decent for the size but just don’t expect big bass on these. You’ll still want to wear dedicated earbuds when watching a movie. 


Now, The XREAL Air Pro 2 is a standalone device so it doesn’t need any extra batteries or apps to work, and this means it does draw power from whatever device I’ve connected to.

A must-get accessory is the $40 XREAL Hub because it unlocks pass-through charging mode.

In this mode, it powers the glasses with 45W fast charging so you can use both the USB-C ports to connect to a device while also charging that device at the same time so I don’t need to worry about the Switch or phone running out of battery ever, which means I’m able to game on these AR glasses however long I want! 

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The Hub is also DisplayPort compatible so it can be used to show an external display or monitor up to 120Hz.  

They also have the XREAL Beam accessory which unlocks wireless streaming without cables and 3 spatial display modes: side view shrinks the display to the corner, which is great if you’re walking around, body anchor anchors the screen in one place, and smooth follow is made for stabilizing content so there’s less image movement. 

AR Glasses for Laptop Work

Working from these AR Glasses over the last week has been great too. 

I’ve just plugged these into my MacBook Air directly into the USB-C port, plugged in the MacBook charger and it projects a big enough screen to get some real work done right at my desk. 

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The text is really sharp from the dual 1080p displays and visuals are great enough to even use all sorts of work apps. I had no problem typing out a document, reading news articles, and replying to emails all week.

So I used these glasses over the last week mostly at my desk, but when I have the chance, I’d love to use them working off my laptop when I’m traveling or if you wanted to – even at the beach. These glasses give you a huge display anywhere you go! 

What’s even more insane is some Samsung Phone’s USBC ports are Display Port capable so that means when you plug in the AR glasses, you get a full-blown operating system called DEX you can work from for possibly the most portable full working setup 

This entire experience needs to be tried in person to understand.


As you can tell, I’ve been enjoying the XREAL Air 2 Pro glasses a lot over the last week!

These glasses, paired with a Switch, Steam Deck, or Ally ROG on a plane is just perfection. 

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In some ways, it provides the AR functionality of Apple’s Vision Pro for a fraction of the price – they’re that good.

And they really are a step up from the first generation Air Glasses – they’re a lot more comfortable to wear, are slimmer and lighter, have the latest displays that are brighter, support 120Hz, and have that ultra cool electrochromic dimming so you can use these in any lighting situation. 

I’d love to see a future of AR glasses without cables that rely maybe on WiFI 6 and an integrated battery somehow. But for now, I have to say that these are my favorite AR glasses and I can’t wait to keep using them when I travel internationally on long flights.

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