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Hey friends, hope you’re well!

I’ve hand-picked some really unique tech gadgets that I’ve recently been using myself on a daily basis.

I’m very excited to share these gadgets with you; they’re all very practical and well-designed pieces of technology.

So, whether you’re looking to add premium tech to your home, desk, or daily carry, this list is for you; let’s get started!

Fellow Corvo Kettle


The first is Fellow’s new Corvo Kettle, which I’ve been using every morning.

The Corvo is the smartest and most stylish electric kettle I’ve ever used, and I believe it’s a great buy if you enjoy tea, coffee, or any other hot beverage.

It’s powered by 1200 watts, so the heat time is extremely fast, like 1 degree per second fast, so there’s a lot less waiting for water to boil.

There are also some genuinely useful features, such as precise temperature control via this sturdy dial, a 60-minute temperature hold mode, a brewing stopwatch, and a hidden game feature on the LCD display, which I find hilarious.

Nuphy Air 75 Keyboard

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The next tech gadget is Nuphy’s Air 75 keyboard.

This is a super-slim, go-anywhere mechanical keyboard with one of the best typing experiences for a pre-built keyboard of this size.

After a few weeks of use, it’s one of the best portable keyboards I’ve used – it fits well in a daily bag and even sits over 13-14″ laptops so that you can work on small cafe tables or hot desks.

It even came with a stylish orange Folio case to slip it into, making it even easier to stow in my backpack when I’m on the go.

The switches are another highlight of this keyboard; they’re extremely thin – only 6mm thicker than my Magic Keyboard here – but retain the same clickiness and joy of using a full-sized mechanical keyboard. 

If you like to take a keyboard with you while also having a solid keyboard to use at home, this keyboard does both really well for a very reasonable $110.

Soundcore Liberty 4NC Earbuds


Next up is a good pair of earbuds, which are an essential piece of everyday tech.

These are Soundcore’s Liberty 4NC noise-cancelling earbuds, and they work surprisingly well for earbuds that cost $100. 

It has industry-leading Adaptive ANC 2.0 and a low-distortion driver, so it basically adapts the level of noise cancellation in real time based on your environment.

The 11mm drivers and LDAC Hi-Res audio provide a soundstage that far outperforms its $99 price tag, and it lasts a full 10 hours on a single charge, with an additional 50 hours via case charging. With the LED light strip and, finally matte black earbuds, the case opening mechanism is also extremely satisfying.

These are an excellent addition to your everyday carry for blocking out unwanted noise and keeping the beats going.

Insta360 AI Powered Webcam

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This one is perfect for those of you who are still working from home and taking meetings. 

This is Insta360’s Link Webcam, which functions similarly to a high-end gimbal camera turned webcam.

Rather than relying on software tricks to keep you centered, this 4K webcam employs a genuine gimbal to track your movements and keep you centered. 

So it’s great for moving around during presentations, and it even has a DeskView Mode that automatically adjusts to show what’s on your desk with software adjustments to give the perfect top-down view. It’s pretty amazing. 

It’s powered by a large sensor capable of 4K HDR video that looks very professional. 

It’s a really unique, good-looking webcam in a sea of very standard webcams, but at $300, it’s a little pricey for a webcam. However, if you want a really high-quality webcam that allows you to move around freely, this is one of the best.

Grovemade Leather Desk Mat

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This isn’t exactly tech, but a desk mat is always an important part of a desk setup. 

My favorite desk mats are from Grovemade, and this is their new matte desk pad made from natural materials like linseed oil, pine rosin, and even wood flour. It may sound strange, but these materials give the desk mat a really smooth, soft, and supple quality that looks great on the desk.

I’ve tried a lot of desk mats, and Grovemade’s are still the best.

They’re a simple way to add structure to a desk, organize your desk accessories, and add a splash of color. 

If you want one, don’t forget to use this discount code when you make your purchase. 

Leica Q3

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Moving on to one of my most recent purchases: the Leica Q3 camera. 

This is a camera that appears unassuming at first glance, but once you know, you know. 

It has a massive 60MP sensor and the world-famous Leica Summilux lens, which produces the best-looking photos I’ve ever taken – it’s so good, it’s difficult to take bad photos with this camera. 

It’s also handcrafted in Germany and built like a tank, making it the ideal companion for cafes, weekend trips, and international travel. Many journalists and professional photographers use it. 

Now, before some of you go out and buy one, let me warn you that this is not a camera for everyone; it’s incredibly expensive at $6,000, and most people don’t need this much photography in a camera.

If you’re genuinely interested in this camera, I’ll leave a link to my honest review of the Leica Q3 because there’s a lot to cover, but this has recently been one of my favorite everyday tech gadgets. 

Xreal Air AR Glasses

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So the Xreal Air AR Glasses, which are far more affordable but just as cool, are up next. I’m not sure why they changed their name from Nreal, but I think it’s still a bit confusing. 

But, in any case, these are augmented reality smart glasses that allow me to work off a 201-inch triple-monitor setup from anywhere, watch movies, and even play games.

They’re literally Rayban sunglasses that I can slip into my pocket and take with me to a cafe or even a plane flight, and they project a high-quality display. 

So, if you need a portable triple monitor setup for work or just to play games on the go, these are a fantastic addition, and at $379, they’re a lot less expensive than Apple’s insane $3499 Vision Pro headset.

G Shock Mini

Now, a good digital watch is a must in any everyday carry, and this is the classic Casio G Shock mini version.

It has all the hallmarks of what makes G Shock so great: it’s extremely durable, stylish, and packed with features like a stopwatch, countdown timer, world time, water and shock resistance. Plus, they’re very affordable – you can get these for a little more than $100! 

They’re such great everyday wristwatches that you can bang around with without worrying because they’re so tough and have that great street-wear quality. It’s ideal for days when you want to leave the Apple Watch at home and wear something a little more classic but still functional. 

Ugreen Battery Bank

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This has gotten a lot more use than I expected, and it’s Ugreen’s massive 145W battery bank with 25,000 mAh capacity for lots of charges.  

I use it on a daily basis to charge my mouse when it runs out of battery so I don’t miss a beat, as well as my headphones and phone, all from the same battery bank.

It’s also great for travel or for students who need extra charges from their laptops and gadgets to get through the day. It charges my MacBook Air one and a half times and takes it from zero to full charge in about 90 minutes. 

It’s a piece of technology that has been convenient, portable and has saved me from numerous headaches while looking for power outlets in public. 

Mac Studio 

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The Mac Studio with the M2 Ultra chip is brand new. This is now my daily Mac on which I do everything. 

It’s the fastest Mac I’ve ever used, and it’s shaved seconds off almost any task I throw at it, giving me back minutes in my day that add up to hours over a month. 

I also like how simple it looks in my office and how easily accessible the USB-C and SD card ports are. 

It’s an investment, but if you’re interested in accelerating your workflow with a Mac Studio, I’ll leave my full review here


So those are some cool everyday gadgets I use; if you want to see 10 more premium gadgets to give you more ideas, check out this video here. Thank you for reading as always. Until the next tech roundup!

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