Eight Sleep Pod 4 – 1 Week Later: The Secret to Sleeping Well

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Hey friends, Andrew here – hope you’re well. 

Today, we’re in a beautiful retreat, deep in the woods and I’m here in a remote location to test an incredible gadget: Eight Sleep’s brand-new Pod 4! 

It’s cutting-edge sleep tech that you install over your bed like a fitted sheet and it creates the perfect temperatures for sleeping, all while tracking your sleep without a wearable. 


I’ll unbox and install it, show you all the incredible new sleep features on the redesigned Pod 4, sleep on it for a couple of nights, and give you my first impressions. 

I genuinely love my Pod 3 I’ve been using at home for years now, and I’m excited to put the Pod 4 to the test and show you just how amazing the latest sleep tech is.

Unboxing & Installation

We get two big boxes so let’s open these up. 

Opening up the first box we get the Hub itself, which is the main unit and brain behind the entire setup. 


Installation is pretty simple: plug it in and bring up the app then it’ll guide you through the process to prime the bed which means adding water to the tank, which it’ll funnel through the entire Pod 4 system. 

The second box we get is the Pod 4 cover itself, it is a King size variant so it’s pretty damn heavy actually! 

It goes over your bed like a fitted sheet and is connected to the main hub. The installation was pretty easy and now that everything is finally set up, the Pod4 is truly incredible right out of the box.

Pod 4 Redesign

Right away, I can see the cover is redesigned and Eight Sleep says they’ve used new contouring materials so it’s now 20% thinner than the Pod 3 cover and should be more comfortable.

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Laying on it right away and it feels premium – I can’t feel the grooves anymore and it just feels like an extension of your mattress. It’s more smooth and seamless than my Pod 3 cover.

The hub looks slightly different too with a full dark mode aesthetic and I think it fits nicely into most bedrooms.

New Sleep Features

Along with the redesign, there are also some mind-blowing new features. 

The Pod 4 now has these things called “tap zones” on the side and basically, they let you finally control the temperature or even set the vibration alarm without the app. Tap the side and there’s haptic feedback from the cover to let you know you’ve changed the temperature.

This is awesome because you don’t need to bring your phone to bed to be able to customize the temperature or change the alarm, all you do is roll over and tap the side of the mattress.

And because the Pod 4 cover has dual-zone climate control, each side of the Pod 4 gets tap zones so your partner can control their side of the bed to their liking. It’s quite hot during the day here and cold during the night so it’ll be interesting to test later in the video. 

Another new incredible feature is snore detection, so now if someone’s snoring on either side of the bed…you’ll know about it because the app gives you a detailed report on the snoring and how strong the snoring is. I find this hilarious because we finally get to understand how much we snore, and how it’s impacting our sleep but also everyone who snores always swears they don’t snore during their sleep! 

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We also get an updated AutoPilot 3.0, and if you haven’t heard of it before in the Pod 3 – it’s a hyper-personalized assistant that regulates the Pod temperature in real-time based on how you’re sleeping and the current sleep stage to keep you in the most restorative sleep possible. 

The new AutoPilot 3.0 is trained on 1.2 million hours of sleep data, and this feature alone is the reason my sleep quality improved dramatically using the Pod 3. 

There’s obviously a lot that’s new from the design to extra functionality but let’s finally put this to the test now!

I am going to get ready for bed, wind down, and soak up the relaxing atmosphere of this retreat then hopefully get a decent amount of sleep and report back to you on the Pod 4 tomorrow morning.

Overnight Sleep Test

We’ve got really interesting results overnight with the Pod 4. It was a short sleep but I think I slept really well: when I travel I usually find it tough to get a good night’s rest because it’s a completely different environment and climate to my bedroom, but I think the Pod 4 was able to get it just right.

Let’s take a look at the sleep data on the Eight Sleep app! 

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I love that I can get all these personal reports every morning without any sort of wearable – I’m just able to sleep on my bed like I normally would and I’ve got all sorts of biometric data when I wake up. Zero need to charge a device, wear it on your wrist, or keep it by your bedside table. 

Comparison to Pod 3

Now, comparing the Pod 4 to my Pod 3 at home: I realise just how silent it is. The Pod 3 is definitely quiet but if you woke up in the middle of the night, you could hear the hum of it working along. 

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But the Pod 4 is whisper quiet, you have to be right up next to it to hear it so EightSleep did a great job improving its silent performance.

The cooling performance has doubled too and I run hot when I sleep so I always have the EightSleep set to cooling mode. The Pod 4 gets way cooler than the Pod 3, apparently, it has double the cooling power and maintains temperatures up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit or about 7 degrees Celsius, lower than the bedroom temperature.

That’s cold enough to ditch the aircon, save on the electricity during a hot summer’s night, and rely on the Pod 4 alone, which is mind-blowing and again someone I could vouch for with my Pod 4 at home. 

First Impressions & Thoughts

My first impression using the Pod 4 for a few nights now is it’s downright incredible and a piece of tech that genuinely improves sleep and my quality of life. 

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EightSleep says it’s clinically proven to give you up to one hour more of quality sleep every night and after using not just the Pod4 but the Pod3 for years now – I actually believe it.

They’ve listened to feedback on the Pod 3 and improved on it in so many ways: 

The Pod 4 takes everything that makes the Pod 3 great and makes it even better from the new tap zones making it more convenient to the increased cooling power and quieter operation for an even better night’s rest. It’s innovative tech that has blown me away. 

What I’d love to see in the future is the inclusion of a microphone and speaker in the hub to give voice commands and audio feedback when you’re using the tap zones. 

The main downside I’d nitpick at though…is its price: it’s quite an expensive premium product and a serious investment.

But for those who are seriously considering the Pod 4 for your bedroom, I’ve teamed up with Eight Sleep to give my audience free shipping and a full $250 off a Pod 4. Just use this link and drop the code “AEZ” during checkout and let me know how you like the Pod 4 when you get it! 

They also released a premium model, Pod 4 Ultra, which includes an adjustable base and custom body positioning and you can get $400 off that too.

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