WTF Is Dropshipping?

What is up hustlers!

Recently, I’ve been asked by many newcomers into the dropshipping space for a tutorial or videos on how exactly to start dropshipping.

So, of course I listened and I’m releasing a dropshipping for beginners series and ebook for free!

Understanding The Dropshipping Model

Firstly, in order to successfully dropship like a pro, you need to understand the business model itself.

To explain the model in a nutshell, dropshipping is an ever-growing online business model (or fulfilment method, if you want to be specific) based on a third-party merchant shipping products direct to your customers. You specifically manage the storefront, which includes the profit margins you personally take as the middle-man.

The most attractive aspect to dropshipping when I personally started out, including many others, is the fact you don’t need to hold a single piece of inventory and the barriers to entry is extremely low.

This is exactly why you’re seeing the skyrocketing popularity of dropshipping to this day in the age of the online entrepreneur. So, you should get started TODAY, and lucky for you you’re in the right place!

I Was Originally Skeptical…

Like I’ve said in my first YouTube video, I was just as skeptical as you, I was wary of dropshipping and whether I could establish passive income with such a simple business model but fast forward to this point in time and the dream has become a reality. If you haven’t seen my first video titled “How I Made $10,000 in my FIRST WEEK Dropshipping!” I’ve indeed made five digits within the first week I launched the store, but bear in mind I’m a certified digital marketer and I’ve obtained a degree in marketing at a prestigious university – in other words, I have lots of experience.

My goal is to share some of that knowledge to you so you too can live life on your terms.

So enjoy my free beginner’s guide to dropshipping, and let’s get stuck into the exact 5 steps you need to take and execute on in order to get you on the right path to dropshipping success and ultimately a passive income lifestyle! Download the free ebook here and get started with the first step in the five steps to get started! 

For an in-depth run through and more details on what exactly dropshipping is, check out my video below:

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