The Key To 6-Digit Dropshipping Stores

What is The Magic Secret to Building a 6 Digit Dropshipping Store? It’s More Simple Than You Think.

Everyone in the dropshipping game is about the quick money yet that’s the downfall. We need to be looking at dropshipping differently, as a legitimate business rather than a place to make a quick dollar.


Collect Data and Build a Brand

What everyone is forgetting to do is COLLECT DATA and BUILD A BRAND. You pair these two together and in time you would’ve built a 6 digit Empire.
I’m going to nut this down for you so it’s simple to understand and this is going to be the theory behind it all. Spend money getting traffic through Facebook ads, take that data your pixel accumulated and ANALYSE the data. You’re gonna find out that your target market is 40 year old house wives who live in wealthy downtown NewYork for example, do you get what I mean? Now build your brand to appeal to that segment as the primary persona and invest money in the look of your website and overall brand. You then scale and use that primary persona to branch out to affinity audiences and build brand loyalty across sub personas. This should now start to make sense.

Losing Money to Make Money

Now let’s talk about data and losing money. The biggest biggest asset with data is collecting, you guessed it, EMAILS. Look at it like this ok, you’re going to be spending hundreds of dollars to drive relevant traffic to your website for them to not buy a product. Waste of money right? NO. What you need to build an empire is to create a design that attracts the user to give in their email address and input it into your brands database.
Trust me guys, I’ve worked for over 100 clients, from small to global companies and there are some businesses that literally generate almost ALL of their profits from their email database. The customer doesn’t know this, but once they given in their email to you,  that sucker is gonna buy from you store in the future and that customer is now FREE traffic.  Free traffic means a higher profit margin.
Now, pair this with the data you’ve accumulated through Facebook ads, you know which product is selling like hotcakes, you go bulk order that shit from Alibaba, and outsource your fulfilment to a local delivery and your profit margins are gonna be through the roof – boom, you’ve created a 6-digit ecommerce powerhouse without needing to rely on pay per click marketing.

Now, Learn How To Create an Email Strategy and Funnel Strategy 

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