3 Quick Tricks to Increase Shopify Dropshipping Sales

Follow the below guide/tutorial to very quickly implement some changes to your Shopify dropshipping store to improve conversion rate

What is up hustlers!

Thought I’d share a few tips on things you should change (if you haven’t already of course) on your Shopify store to immediately improve your conversion percentage. I’ve labelled these out below, but have also uploaded a video found below if you’d like a more in-depth run through.

Generally, these changes focus on store trust and credibility, but have a pretty big impact. Personally when I first started off, I made the below changes and saw an increase of roughly five or so additional sales per day. Quite profitable especially if your Average Sales Price is high.

Removing “Shipping and Taxes Calculated At Checkout

* In your Shopify Admin search panel, search for “Language”
* Scroll down and search for “Manage Checkout Language”
* Click on the “Cart” tab at the top of the page
* Scroll down and find the sentence, either deleting it or altering it.

Psychologically, customers do not like seeing a potential fee on top of the product cost after they’ve added the product to cart. Personally, I like running free shipping campaigns, so I found success in changing the line to “FREE Shipping Included”, which obviously gives them further incentive to proceed to the next step, checkout and ultimately convert.

Removing Order Notes

* Find “Theme Settings” in your Shopify admin panel
* Click on “Settings”
* Click on “Cart” in the left-hand side theme pane
* Uncheck “Order Notes”
NB: This may vary in certain Shopify themes

Unless you’re in a business wherein notes are required before purchase eg. SAAS, I’d recommend removing this box all together as again, it’s an unnecessary item that may deter the customer from converting. The cleaner and simpler the checkout process, the better.

Removing “Powered by Shopify 

* From your Shopify admin panel, go to “Online Store”
* Go to “Themes”
* Click “Actions > Edit Code”
* In the sections folder, open the footer.liquid file
* Ctrl + F and search for {{ powered_by_link }}, or just search “powered”
* Delete the tag.

Simple one but keeps the website looking professional and standalone. It also links out to Shopify’s website , which is great for Shopify but not for our business.

Adding Trust Badges to Product Page

* From your Shopify admin panel, go to “Online Store”
* Go to “Themes”
* Click “Actions > Edit Code”
* In the sections folder, open the “Product Template Liquid File”
* Find “addtocart”, usually at line 100 or so depending on your template file
* Below this piece of code, you want to add your trust seal image hosted on CDN/Cloudfront. I’ve uploaded a specific piece of code with the image hosted already, which you can find in the YouTube video description (linked above) and copy paste.

Side note, be sure not to overload the site with trust badges either. I’ve seen stores with trust badges littered all over the screen and it looks very unappealing and ironically, more dodgy than ever!

Customising ATC Button

From your Shopify admin panel, go to “Online Store”
* Go to “Themes”
* Click “Actions > Edit Code”
* In the sections folder, open the “theme.scss.liquid” file
* Ctrl + F and find “Link and Button Styles” – do note certain themes name this section differently such as the Supply theme, so you’ll need to do some digging around for the section
* At the bottom of this section, just before the next section, type the following in:


#AddToCart {

width: 380px;


* Note: A hashtag should be included before “AddToCart” (couldn’t insert it due to Reddit Markdown formatting). Also, the “380”px should be altered to properly fit your own store layout.

This one’s often missed even when trust badges are added to the product page. It’s essential to change the size of the ATC button in order for it to remain a focal point of the product page as we obviously want as many customers to click on this.

Also worth adding trust badges to the header and checkout header by editing your logo in Photoshop and adding in trust badges manually.

Hope this helps guys, relatively simple stuff but has significant impact on conversion percentage.

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