Must Have Shopfiy Apps for Beginners

Not only does Shopify make it incredibly easy to sell online, especially when paired up with the dropshipping business model, it also provides what online stores need to increase their chances of eCommerce success.

The Shopify app store is a resource you need to be leveraging to its full potential if you’re looking to boost sales from the outset.

It is a little overwhelming to navigate the library of apps available, and to be honest some apps are not great. With over 2,000 apps in the Shopify app store – and growing! – it can be a challenge to find the gems and beyond that, find the right gems for your store.

Whether you’re wanting to add customer reviews, improve email marketing, establish social proof to drive sales or improve your delivery tracking for customer, below is a list of the top six personally recommended apps when you first start off with your store.

Best of all, they’re all completely free! Of course they have premium features and I do highly recommend moving to the paid versions if you’re scaling your store and you’re finding the apps useful as most of the apps below are worthwhile investments.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the first recommend app!


Oberlo is, arguably, the best Shopify and AliExpress dropshipping app. It’s essentially an app that will allow you to:

  1.  Very simply import products from AliExpress directly into your Shopify store
  2. Automatically fulfil large number of orders with a few clicks

This basically equates to an easy way to scale your business when it does come to that point. You can use Oberlo for free indefinitely, until you reach more than 50+ monthly orders.

At that point you’ll have to upgrade the plan type but at that point anyway, it’ll be pocket money to you anyway.

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AfterShip is a little different from the rest of the shipping apps. Their app specifically lets you track all your orders and couriers in a single place – now THAT’s useful.

They support almost all couriers imaginable and gives you the ability to sort shipments by dates, status, courier and destinations. This offers your valuable customers a way to monitor whether or not your shipments are delivered on-time and when they aren’t.

It’s super simple to implement this app into your store where customers simply input their tracking numbers rather than hassling you or your customer support. Just set up a custom landing page with your logo and link it via your Shopify store.

With a premium account, you can also use AfterShip to notify customers when their orders are in transit, out for delivery, delivered, or whether there are exceptions.

AfterShip’s app could be a great addition for managing your business, while providing better services to your customers.

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Simply put, Loox is a creative image review app allowing you to one-click import AliExpress reviews! This is a must-get app for new stores as it establishes credibility and much needed social proof to drive initial sales in an otherwise baron store.

Loox also allows your customers to easily upload photos of themselves receiving, wearing or using your products, capitalising on depictive customer feedback and user-generated content. These mobile-friendly photo reviews showcase and arrange in visually appealing galleries or a dedicated reviews page underneath the product page.

There is also a massive line-up of features embedded such as vast customization (scheduling, color, size, position, branding).

Also, there’s the ability to moderate reviews, integration with Google for SEO displayed reviews, quick views on collections and product pages, upsell opportunities, localization and so much more.

It’s a must.

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Happy Email

Getting rapport going between your customers is so important and this app automises that and saves you so much time. Happy Email helps to send a thank-you email from you to your customers automatically, 30 minutes after they make the first purchase or sign up for a new account on your store.

The email will be written based on your information and customer behaviour. Thankfully, you won’t need to worry about anything else other than the one-click setup and custom messages.

Happy Email Shopify app is the easiest way to say thank you to your customers. The app sends letters automatically, you don’t even need to write the content on your own.

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I’ve always preached the importance of collecting email addresses, and you need to start as soon as the Shopify store is set live!

Once you’ve got the email addresses, you’ll want to set up some campaigns. There are loads of email service providers you can choose from, and your task is to find the one that suits your business needs the best.

You’ll want to work with a provider that not only offers a variety of useful features, but is also capable of scaling together with your business.

What does this app do? MailChimp is one of the most popular email management systems available, and not without reason.

It’s a great tool to design and organise campaigns, send out automated emails, and much more.

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Best Currency Converter

Literally as the app is aptly titled, it’s the best currency converter!

There’s honestly not much more to say other than, it’s so important to get your customers to shop in their local currency as it decreases cart abandonment and the frustration of manually trying to convert currencies.

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