The Best Print on Demand Mock Up Generator

What is up hustlers!

If you’re managing a Print on Demand store, you’ll definitely want to ensure your designs are being displayed nicely whether that be on your store or your Facebook ads.

What I mean by this is the placement of your design onto the apparel. You do not want to be taking a boring old mock up from Printful’s default images as you do want your images to stand out from the competition. Especially nowadays when the Print on Demand is rapidly growing, which means increased competition.

Do NOT use these generic mock up tools!

The Tool

There’s a tool I use and have found success with, a premium mock up generator allowing you to place your custom designs onto models, lifestyle shots and every day scenes. The best thing is, there’s a whole bunch of items you can place your designs on and it’s not just limited to apparel – we’re talking about books, diaries, laptops and bags.

This amazing premium mock up tool is called PlaceIt.

► 👕 PlaceIt Exclusive:

Unlike other mock up tools, the image quality and mock up integration of PlaceIt is second to none. The design looks like it was professionally shot and edited, I can’t stress this enough! Moreover, it’s completely customisable! Don’t like the colour of the hoodie in the shot? No worries, simply change the colour of the hoodie to suit your design and voila, it looks like the model literally changed hoodies half way through the photo shoot.

Pricing Strucuture

PlaceIt’s pricing structure is generous. You can either pay $8 per photo you pay for or if you’re going to be downloading custom photos and mock ups on a regular basis, I highly recommend the $29 subscription model. It allows you to download an unlimited number of mock ups each and every month for your website images, Instagram feeds, Facebook ads etc.

PlaceIt has increased my conversion rate for not only my Print on Demand store but Facebook ads as well, it’s insane what a well-developed image can do for your conversion rate in comparison to the default, boring and generic mock ups used by most.

I’d recommend downloading a handful of PlaceIt mock ups and grouping it by theme, for example if you’re running an urban streetwear POD store, select a whole bunch of urban street mock ups and I’d even post-edit them via Photoshop and run a colour grade over them. This will give a very distinct look to your store across all channels ie. website, Instagram, Facebook etc.

Copyright Images

Finally, it’s worthwhile to note the images are CC royalty free meaning once you purchase the image, you’re free to use it. This stops people from grabbing an image from Google and placing their design on it – this could potentially get you sued for a large sum of money, it’s just not worth it. Not to mention, it’s time intensive to place your designs onto images.

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