How To Get A Free Month Shopify Trial

Hey Hustlers! I know many of you have been digging around for an extended Shopify trial as the 14-day free trial can be rather short – especially if you’re planning to build out a heavily-customised store from scratch. Who likes building your store, losing time, not generating revenue while Shopify’s billing you? No one!

So in this post, I have two nifty gifts for my blog readers so be sure to read on!

Why You Should Use Shopify for Dropshipping

In this era of digital marketing, getting your business online has never been important as it is now. That’s needless to say that in this day and age, businesses really need to come online for more visibility which automatically translates into more profits. Setting your business up online could be quite difficult if you are new to the whole digital marketing thing.

Also, it could take some time to get to the right target audience. However, if you have gotten hold of digital marketing and you are thinking of other ways to increase sales, think Dropshipping using Shopify.

Dropshipping is a supply chain management method where you as the retailer does not keep stock you are selling, instead, buying on behalf of your customers from the manufacturer; include your customer’s shipment details for the product to be delivered. Simple right? Now let’s get to know the best platform to manage dropshipping on in my opinion. Shopify.

What exactly is Shopify?

Shopify was launched more than a decade ago as a matter of necessity when a group of snowboarders needed a way to deliver snowboard accessories to fellow snowboarders all over the world, and they found out there was no way to do exactly just that.

There and then, a reason to create an eCommerce platform that would come to take the world of digital marketing by storm was birthed. Presently, Shopify has over 400,000 active stores on it.

This is basically what Shopify does; it is a platform that connects your business to an audience through a shopfront. You should get your store on Shopify and get your business connected if you’re planning to dropship. Shopify allows you to build your online store on its platform without having to worry about visibility.

Which Will You Choose, 14-Day Free Trial and 30-Day Extended Free Trial?

Shopify gives all users a free 14 day trial on your first signup. However, by using this link here, you’ll get access to an extended 30-day trial. That’s a full month! This extension gives you more time to set up your store to meet creative standards before you go live.

Here are just a few reasons why you should sign up with Shopify today:

–   Lesser or No Worries

To be frank, running a successful eCommerce store could be quite a herculean task. Digital marketing and eCommerce is complex if you are all new to it; as you would have to figure out so many things that work or do not work. And sadly, when it comes to digital marketing/eCommerce as an entrepreneur, any time you waste on trying to figure things, it’ll cost you money. With Shopify, everything is already figured out, all you have to is sign up here and enjoy your 30-day trial.

–   An Already Made Visibility

You do not have to worry about visibility when you build with Shopify. The platform is garnished with exceptional SEO tools that put your store right in the popular spot. With little effort, your store could reach your target audience. Coupled with sleek design templates that look exceptionally inviting, you bring your live store to the internet. This is what dropshipping is all about, Shopify simply connects you with the right pool for your business.

–   Online Retail Made Easy

Anybody with basic creative skills can build on Shopify; you do not need any required programming language needed to build a website. No, you do not. There are already-made tools on Shopify to help you create a profile/store for your business.

–   Simplified Payment Systems

The system supports various credit cards, so your customers have a wide range of payment options to choose from. Everybody gets the payment system that suits them, which makes buying easy. Also, there’s a customized POS system that you can use in your store to accept payments.

–   Multiple Languages; Different Customers

Shopify supports over 100 different languages. What this means is that diverse customers are shopping on the platform from various continents of the world. This is another reason why you should sign up your business on the platform. There is no barrier to doing business on Shopify; your business has the ample opportunity of reaching a lot of people from different cultures.

–   Connect Your Websites Easily

Do not fret if you already have a website for your business and you are looking for a way to enjoy all that Shopify has got to offer. Shopify allows you to connect that same website to their platform without hassles. All you have to do is tell your domain provider to connect you to Shopify, and you are ready to go.

So enjoy the juicy 30-day trial! Sign up now!


The Beginner’s Dropshipping Bible 

As promised, here’s another free gift. For those who’re looking to get into the hot and lucrative world of dropshipping, I’ve put together a completely free guide to get you on the right track in five simple steps.

The ebook covers everything from store set up through to optimisations before you set your dropshipping store live.

Why have I made it free? Simply because there are so many out there setting ridiculous prices for ebooks, guides and worse yet, their courses. The amount of information out there is plain confusing and the costs are just another set back. As an industry digital marketer, I’ve pulled together this quick guide for all the beginners out there.

You can download your own copy right here on this link.


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