Why You Should Always Use Custom URLs when Dropshipping

First thing’s first, guys, never use the default domain name Shopify provides you for free ie. myshopify.com link.

It looks extremely unprofessional and although some may try to advise that small details such as the URL does no matter, no, actually it does matter!

Not only does it affect the credibility of the store, it’ll affect conversions and the SEO ranking of the store on Google as it does not rank “myshopify.com” URLs well or favourably.

So, the absolute first thing you want to do once you’ve activated your store is to get yourself a custom domain name!

Like many, I highly recommend Bluehost for this as I’ve used them time and time again for custom domain names and web hosting.

Web hosting is a whole different topic, but I’ll cover it in the future and run you through how to set up a blog or website and monetize it to create another income stream! But anyway, I digress!

Here’s the cool thing about Bluehost, they provide free domain names on their package and they also throw in WordPress webhosting, which gives you the ability to create powerful blogs exactly like my website https://andrewethanzeng.com/

If you click on the links below for a limited time, Bluehost is giving out a discounted rate of only $3.95 a month, plus a free domain name and website builder. Let’s go check out how to do this:

➡ Bluehost Web Hosting and Free URL Domain Name Offer

Part A) First Things First

Click on the big green button that says get started now

Bluehost Is The Hosting Mike Vestil Recommends

Part B) Pick Your Plan

The cheapest option ie. Basic works well

Bluehost plans for hosting

Part C) Choose Your Free Domain Name

Here’s the part you’ve come for, the free URL. Go ahead and find your URL you’d like to register. You can find the simple instructions on how to connect the new domain URL to your Shopify store here.

Get a free domain with bluehost

Part D) Fill In Your Details

Choose how long you want to host your website. If its your first time dropshipping or blogging, well then the one year option will be your best bet when initially starting out. And all the extra stuff below that they have you add on you can just simply remove it. You don’t need them when starting off.

account information of bluehost


I’ll be posting a guide and tutorial on the perks of hosting a website/blog and how you’re able to monetize that channel and turn it into another income revenue stream soon, so keep your eyes out for this!

If you’re looking to start dropshipping and establishing a passive income stream today, be sure to check out the free Dropshipping Bible for Beginners eBook here and the complete complementary video tutorial series here, also completely free.

If you’re looking for more free content, be sure to check out the free resources section of my website to help you on your way to dropshipping like a pro and for those looking for a mentor or simply to take their digital marketing, entrepreneur and dropshipping game to the next level, I provide mentorship to select students – you can organise your own call with me here.

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