Best Converting Shopify Themes

Shopify themes, themes and themes! Arguably one of the most important steps when starting your dropshipping store is selecting the foundation you’ll lay your brand on – the Shopfiy theme.

Luckily, Shopify makes it so simple to set up a store and select your theme. However, it’s also just as important you’re selecting the right theme to suit your niche, products and overall branding look.

A bad looking store will definitely turn off the users visiting your store – I mean, who wants to step foot into a dirty dingy supermarket?! You’d think their produce is off! Same rule goes with online stores. There’s even a stat out there stating 70 per cent of people just do not trust badly designed websites¹!

Your Shopify Theme Should Be Simple

1. Use the KISS methodology

When first starting out and selecting a theme, bear in mind the KISS methodology standing for “Keep It Simple Stupid”. Your users shouldn’t need to think when they use it.

The best Shopify themes follow a minimalist design and is proven to work – free themes follow these design and conversion principles so I highly recommend these when starting out. Specifically, the theme named “Simple“. If you’d like more details on this, check out the free video tutorial above.

Some key things to note when it comes to a very well-designed theme is the following:

  • Clear call to actions on the page
  • The product page is interactive
  • Detailed descriptions and a nice flow to the product page
  • Intuitive use of menus and layouts – not over-cluttered
  • Simple and fast checkout process
  • Social proof in terms of customer feedback and overall branding and feel of the theme

2. Make sure your store is mobile-optimised

Just SO much traffic comes through mobile devices. I remember when I initially started my Shopify stores and I was wondering why most people were being driven through on their mobiles!

Now, I even optimise my ads for mobile as it’s just that important. Given this, you need to select a Shopify theme with the mobile version that’ll suit your needs and brand nicely. I’d say it’s more important your brand looks right on mobile than desktop so be sure you’re using the mobile view constantly.

All Shopify-hosted themes are mobile friendly but are they all suited to your brand? Well that’s the question.

3. Lightning Fast Response Times

As Google SEO algorithm continues to change month to month, the new emphasis is on mobile site speed and overall website site speed. Avoid Shopify themes which have too many elements or animations featured on them.

Yeah sure the animated scroller looks fancy, but it’ll decrease your page speed and will drag down the overall SEO ranking, which basically means throwing away your ticket to some sweet, sweet free traffic and potential sales.

Again, this is why I recommend the Shopify Simple theme as this is literally all you need to get started, especially when it comes to Print on Demand for beginners.

What About Paid Shopify Themes? Are They Worth It?

As mentioned above, official Shopify themes are proven to work in terms of usability, speed and intuitiveness. This specifically includes paid themes – how else does Shopify make more money! Shopify paid themes give you access to a whole range of heavily customised themes with abundant features you wouldn’t normally get with the free themes, without any negative repercussions such as slowing your site down.

Moreover, they’ll give your store a fresh new look. It’s incredibly important to set yourself from the norm and that means making your dropshipping store not look like a dropshipping store!

My personal recommendation when it comes to paid themes, which has worked for me in the past, is the Shopify Empire Theme (such a cool name to boot). I go over the reasons as to why this is my recommended theme and how to implement it in the YouTube video above.

In general, Shopify is by far the safest and most recommended option to choose from. You need to ensure you’re making the right decision on your theme as it’s very, very time consuming changing your theme and brand look once you’ve established your store, not to mention the interruption to your business and sales.

Follow the rule of thumbs above, you’re already off to a great start!

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¹ RealWire, 03 March 2011 – 70 Per Cent Of People Don’t Trust Badly Designed Websites,

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