Top 5 Ways to Make $200 Online Every Day

So that you’ve built your own website, you’ve actually built yourself a money creating asset.

So, in this video, I’m going to show you the top five ways to make money with that specific website, and if you haven’t created that website, that’s okay, just watch the previous episodes in this free tutorial series where I teach you how to create that website.

What is up hustlers? Like I said in the previous episodes, I do think that creating websites and creating your own content is potentially the most enjoyable way to create money online at the moment. Now that I’ve showed you how to create that website, technically it has that created content that will start ranking month, to month, to month. Now, with that traffic, you’re creating a loyal fan base and you can start to monetize the traffic, and this comes the fun part. Monetizing that audience.

So, let’s get stuck into it. Straight to point number one. The first way to monetize that website that you just created is of course affiliate marketing. Now, affiliate marketing is it’s own beast in itself, and I won’t get too deep into affiliate marketing techniques. With affiliate marketing it is the mot relatable way to create a passive source of income with your current website. All you’re doing with affiliate marketing is, you’re providing a referral into a certain business for your audience within your current niche.

Say, for example, for fishing niche, if you’re working with a fishing company that has affiliate offers, and they’re providing fishing rods, for example, and you’ve used this fishing rod and you really like it, then you can provide a review on it, or just insert it into any [inaudible 00:01:40] call where it’s relevant, and once a person clicks on that link and makes a purchase off your link within a certain time period, then you’re going to be getting a commission.

Working at scale here, you can imagine how well this works. Like I said in my first video, if I was getting 10,000 visitors a month, a lot of people are going to be converting off my affiliate links, and that is a decent amount of site income every month, but here’s probably one of the biggest advice that I want to share when it comes to affiliate marketing. You want to be transparent, and you want to be honest with your followers of your website.

What I mean by this is, you don’t want to shove offers down your users throats just for the sake of that commission. Instead, what you want to do is be really honest with them. If you’ve used the product, or that service before, and you do think honestly that it’s really beneficial, you want to make sure that it’s a reliable, that it’s a quality service or product before you start suggesting it. Otherwise, you’re not going to find that affiliate marketing will work well for you.

Me personally, on this channel, I love promoting Shopify, because I know for a fact that it works like a charm. I love the platform. I love the service. I love what they provide and what they stand for, and I’ve spent hours and hours, thousands of hours on that platform. So, I am not hesitant at all to provide that offer to you guys.

So, that’s method number one. Moving on to method number two is Google Ad Sense. Now, this is a very simple method, and very simple model. All you need to be doing is, grabbing a piece of code, essentially, from Google. If you type it into Google, Google Ad Sense, and sign up for an account and get that piece of code, what you’re letting Google do is start serving ad placement on your website.

So, essentially you’re selling placements on your website. You’re selling your traffic to Google so they can promote their ads on your website. This isn’t the most effective way, but this is a very, very simple way to start making money online with your website. When you first get started, and you get a decent amount of traffic. For example, like I said, I have 10,000 people coming in from a month. I get a decent amount of pocket money from google via Ad Sense.

Again, this isn’t the most effective way to make money online, but it can get you started in the short term. Now, the third way to make money on your website is putting out good content. Essentially what you’re doing with this website is you’re creating a following. You’re working in your niche that you’re really passionate about. You’re creating a following, capturing all these people around the world to follow your blog. So, by doing so, you’ve got a loyal following, and you can create a really good piece of content and start selling it to your audience.

If you’re in the athletic niche, or you’re in the gym niche, you can simply, all you need to do is create an ebook 20-30 pages long with several workouts that you know specifically has worked for yourself, and you share that with your audience. Now, you’d be surprised just how many people will buy that ebook, especially if it’s priced well within the $9-20, because that is an impulse buy, and can easily set it up as a dated piece of content on Word Press.

And ebook doesn’t even need to be that fancy. You can simply create it as a word document with a few photos here and there, and you can convert it into a PDF. I think eBooks that are literally on word documents and no photos at all, and according to the owner it’s made them thousands and thousands of dollars every month. So, for example, if you want to sell 10 eBooks a day, prices at $20, that’s already $200 a day. That is a decent amount of income every month.

Me personally, I haven’t sold an ebook online just yet. For example, on website I provide a free drop shipping ebook at the moment, and I don’t plan to monetize that ebook at all, because I want to provide value for you guys, and I love creating a mini community at the moment. That was method number three. Now, method number four is all about sponsorships. When I was working in a PR firm with a whole bunch of clients, sponsorships were super lucrative.

We would approach bloggers online with even a small, small forming. I’m talking about 2,000-3,000 visitors a month, and we would offer them a trip sometimes. We would offer them a product. We would offer them a service, get them to review it, and even pay them on top of that, and they could keep that specific product or that service. I’ve worked with clients multi-nationals where we would provide them a trip around Europe and pay them to just to have fun.

So, that could be you. If you create a big enough following, then you could potentially be approached by companies small or big, and they’ll provide you with monetary value to review their products, and to give them exposure. Now, this could happen more earlier than you think, but it is also very important to make sure that you are not selling yourself out. You want to be partnering with a company that is in line with your website’s value and your content’s value.

For example, with my channel, I have not partnered up with anybody, but I do receive sponsorship offers every single week, but I just don’t think there in line with my brand, and I don’t want to be selling you guys some useless crap that is not going to help you out on your journey to success. So, make sure that you’re providing your audience value, and make sure that you’re being transparent, because these two values are the most important elements that you’ll be providing your audience.

The fifth and final way to make money online with your website, and a very effective way is eCommerce. Of course, eCommerce. Now, because you’re going to be on the Word Press website and the Web Press infrastructure, you want to be working with Woo Commerce. A couple people in the previous videos have mentioned that they want to see my Woo Commerce stats, and how I’ve used Woo Commerce. So, I’ll make a video in the near future about these stats, and just to let you know, it was pretty successful.

I mean in comparison to Shopify, we’re talking about five to six digits here. So, I will be sure to show you on the back end of my Web Press website in the near future. So, keep an eye out for that. It is a very effective way, especially off the back of your content website. Now, think about it. If you’re creating a very loyal following about a certain niche, they’re bound to start bookmarking your website. They’re bound to begin to start browsing your website other than the article that you’ve written.

I’m sure you’ve seen those fan Instagram pages where they create a huge following all about their favorite niche, for example, and in the bio they’ve got a link to a e-commerce website whether that Shopify, whether that be Woo Commerce, that website surely makes a lot of money, especially if they have hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram.

Now, you can do the exact same on a content website. All you need to do is create a loyal following with repeat users coming back to read your content, and you’re bound to make sales, because if you think about it, getting 10,000 people to visit your website in a month, that is quite expensive when it comes to paid traffic. Now, I’m not saying that paid traffic is useless. Facebook Ads is a beast. Google Ads is a beast. There’s always a place and time for it, and that is a known strategy in itself that I won’t get into in this video.

By getting 10,000 followers, every month to read your website, they are bound to visit your store. So, hook up your store to Woo Commerce and boom, you’ve got a beast of a content website where the next 6-12 months you’re making a decent amount of income through affiliate marketing. You’re making money through Ad Sense, potentially sponsorships, and on top of that, you’ve got a Woo Commerce store connected to your website.

So, God knows how much money you can make off that Woo Commerce store, and like I said, be sure to stay tuned for that specific video where I go through my personal website and my personal Woo Commerce store and show you what sort of figures I am making. As you can imagine, if you’ve got these five methods in place that I have taught you in this video, that is a lot of income compounding in a long term, and the stat is that every millionaire had at, I believe, it was seven sources of income.

So, this is a very decent and profitable way to make money online, and I hope you enjoyed this series. That is a wrap, but be sure to continue watching, and subscribing to this channel if you haven’t already, because I will be dropping some seriously lit value bombs coming your way, including a Woo Commerce video, because I know that has been highly requested, and on top of that, I’m actually going on another adventure very soon with my mates, and that is going to be an awesome adventure styled blog, because I know you liked the previous one as well.

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