12 UNIQUE iPhone Apps You Need To Get

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Hey friends, Andrew here – hope you’re well.

I’ll share 12 amazing apps that will make your iPhone more practical and help improve your quality of life: these apps will help you get better organized, travel more efficiently, and even help you snap nicer photos with less effort.

I’m sure you’ll end up downloading at least one of these apps on this list, so let’s jump right into the first app!

1 – Paste

The first app is called Paste, it’s a simple app but super helpful.

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It’s a Clipboard manager with an endless clipboard history, so I’m able to access all sorts of saved text, images, and code in one place.

With this app, every time I copy something now, it’ll appear right in your clipboard history. But best of all, you can set the app up as a keyboard – and what that’ll do is I can just tap the keyboard icon and quickly see my entire clipboard history and tap to paste across any app. 

There have been many times I’ve pasted something thinking I had something on my clipboard history but it pasted something different because I forgot I had overwritten the clipboard, but with this app, you’ve got a huge clipboard history to use.

2 – Overlook 

Next up is Overlook, and this is now my go-to weather app. 

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Some of you are thinking, why this over Apple’s weather app? And what I’d say is if you prefer easy, quick readability over stacks of weather information – Overlook is perfect.

It’s a beautifully designed app with two dynamic graphs – temperature and chance of precipitation rendered around a set of beautiful mountains. It’s really easy to read at a glance and the haptic feedback scrolling through the hours is well done. 

I’ve also got mine set up as a widget on the home screen and to me, it’s one of the most visually striking weather apps. My only criticism is that I wish there was an extended forecast longer than just 5 days into the future.

It’s an entirely free app so if you enjoy it, it’s worth tipping the developer for this one.

3 – Pocketcast 

If you’re a podcast buff or you want to listen to more podcasts, I find Pocketcast to be the best podcast app.

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It neatly curates all my favorite podcasts right in a tab and the filter function is convenient: I can add new filters based on duration, release date, and things like that to create curated playlists for example for my runs or short quick listens. 

Multi-device sync is also convenient since I listen across multiple devices and you get all your other podcast controls you’d expect on other platforms too.

Overall, it’s just nice to have a dedicated platform with powerful tools all in one free app.

4 – Halide Camera

If you want to get the most out of the iPhone’s cameras, getting a third-party camera app is the way to go and Halide Camera is a great app for that. 

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It unlocks plenty of manual controls like long exposure shots, shutter, and ISO plus there’s AI functionality to help improve photos.

But one of the features I use more regularly on this app is the Instant RAW feature. 

RAW photos capture a lot more data in the photos but are much larger files that need to be edited to get the most out of the photo. But the Instant RAW feature immediately unlocks the potential of that photo by auto editing through AI so you can treat it like a point-and-shoot.

5 – SCRL

And speaking of cameras and photos, SCRL is an app I love to use when posting beautiful carousel photos on socials. 

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There’s a lot of great templates and all I have to do is fill them up with the shots I’ve taken.

I created it during my trip to LA a couple of months ago. I just appreciate the seamless scrolling like it’s one big canvas and I feel like it elevates simple photo posts. And if you’re on Instagram, make sure to connect with me (@andrewethanzeng) over there too! 

6 – Flighty 

The next one is a lifesaver since I travel frequently and it’s Flighty.

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It’s a completely free app that imports all your upcoming and planned flights into one place and nicely visualizes your travel path in a world view.

It gets even more useful when you click into the flight itself and I can turn on alerts for any potential delays or cancellations, this app is connected to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) database so I find that it’s quite quick to report delays.

There are alternative flight options with a single tap and this auto Live Activity option that shows on Dynamic Island 3 hours before the flight is another small but properly useful feature.

Plus I’ll add my partners and friends’ flights in too just to make sure they’ve landed safely and I can auto-import these by connecting it up with my Calendar. 

This one is an app I don’t use all the time but is super useful when I do travel and it’s sort of like a passport holder for all your flights in a single place no matter the airline I’m flying with! 

7 – AllTrails 

Another great travel companion app is AllTrails.

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It’s a database of 400,000 hiking and walking trails around the world for running, walking, and biking.

If I’m in a different country, I’ll select the area, take a look at the trails around me with all the info like elevation gain and total time for the trek, pick one, and then start the trail then it’ll give me a summary of the hike when I’m done.  

I don’t hike as much as I want to but AllTrails is an app I like to keep in the back pocket for when I do get the chance to, I’ll just whip this app out.

8 – Parcel App

Parcel is a great free app to help track deliveries. 

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It’s great for important deliveries or if you just have a lot of deliveries to track like I do. 

This is a dummy account for privacy, but all you do is click the plus icon and add the tracking number – there’s a useful scan function to insert in the tracking code so you don’t need to manually type out the ridiculous codes.

Then you’ve got all your deliveries in one spot with push notification updates! 

9 – Habit Tracker 

To help create better habits and keep track of streaks, Habit Tracker is a great app for habit tracking.

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It has this appealing and simple user interface that makes it more enjoyable to keep on top of my habits and goals and gives me reminders throughout the day if I’m behind a certain habit for the day.

For example, I’ve got a walking habit tracker that’s connected to my Apple Health stats, Apple Watch, and iPhone so it auto updates. For meditation, I’ll just start the timer and for everything else, I’ll mark it off manually. 

The widgets are also simple and look great on the home screen – a simple yet helpful app overall.

10 – Nike Run

I used to not like running until I tried out the next app: Nike Run and I now use it at least once a week. 

It’s basically like a personal running trainer on your phone – select the type of run, sync up music, and then a PT voiceover will help with the guided run.

It’s more useful than I thought having a PT voice guide the run and the music fades nicely in and out during the guided run, it makes running that much more fun. 

It also syncs up with an Apple Watch and the Health app to hit your daily goals and it’s just a well-designed app with a beautiful interface. 

It’s helped me run more regularly so any app that helps you be a better version of yourself is worth a download in my opinion!

11 – SongShift 

SongShift is an app I’ve recently used to shift my entire music library over to a different platform instantly.

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If you’ve ever thought about doing this, it’s impossible to do it manually if you have a huge library of music, what SongShift does is transfer entire playlists to different streaming platforms. 

The reason you might want to do this is to stream lossless and high-resolution audio on Apple Music or Tidal over Spotify, which is currently the main reason people pick platforms over Spotify. 

The app also helps share playlists with your friends who are on different platforms by generating a special link that imports that entire playlist. 

12 – AutoPilot 

Finally, we have AutoPilot and this one is a pretty crazy financial app.

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It’s not an app I’ve had for a while but haven’t used yet since I’ve been meaning to look into it more but I thought it’s worth sharing. 

In theory, this app will automate portfolio investments by literally copying the moves of big-profile traders. From politicians to large hedge funds, they’ll invest the money exactly based on their buy and sell movements.

Then connect up the brokerage platform and everything else is automated. 

This isn’t financial advice in any way and I haven’t personally used this app yet, so it’s worth doing more research on this app before making any investments. But on paper, it’s a great idea if it works well! 


Which of the 12 iPhone apps did you end up downloading? 

If there are any apps you feel should be on this list, please feel free to share them with me – I love trying new apps.

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