12 INCREDIBLE Websites You Probably Didn’t Know

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Hey friends, Andrew here – hope you’re well.

Finding a website that you love so much, that you end up bookmarking it is like finding a diamond in the rough.

So let’s take a look at 12 incredible websites you likely haven’t heard of that will help you save precious time, navigate the web more easily, and do some pretty amazing things. 

The best part about these websites is they’re all completely free to use, they’re web-based so you don’t need to install anything, AND you can access them on your laptop, phone, or tablet. So let’s jump right into the first website!

1 – Snapdrop 

If you ever need to transfer files quickly and easily between devices, this website is incredible. 

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So it’s called Snapdrop.net and it works exactly like Apple’s Airdrop but it’s compatible with any device on your network.

All you have to do is open up Snapdrop on both devices, then the device will pop up on each other’s screen. 

Then just drag and drop the file you want to send. Then, on the other device, the file will pop up for download. And it’s as simple as that.

This website has been amazing when I need to quickly transfer large files from my Windows PC to my Mac with zero cables or hassle and I can’t believe it’s completely free with no account required. 

2 – Terms of Service Didn’t Read

Next is a clutch website for people who don’t read the fine print and the terms of service, which let’s be honest is practically everyone. 

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This is Tosdr.org, which stands for Terms of Service Didn’t Read and this website analyzes the entire terms of service for us and shows us the most important points. Let’s check it out because you’re going to be surprised just how much we agree to.

So let’s say we use PayPal for example, and you can see all the important clauses color-coded. So when we sign up to PayPal, we actually waive our moral rights but if we scroll down to the green, our information isn’t shared with third parties. 

You can click into the clause and read more about it, but this is great to use if you’re ever unsure of what you’re signing up for – this site is just one search way to decipher the entire terms of service for you and is a website I recommend bookmarking!

3 – Diffchecker

Another great website I constantly use is Diffchecker.

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This website automatically compares the differences between two documents and is ultra-handy when it comes to picking up the differences automatically.

So all you have to do is pick the document type, you can even crosscheck Images and Excel spreadsheets for differences.

Let’s click Documents and then upload the files and almost immediately it will show me exactly what’s changed from Version 1 and 2 without me scanning the pages myself.

This has saved me hours when it comes to contract changes or when people send me updated files with changes over email. 

4 – Archive.today 

Now if you ever need to save a website, you have to check out archive.today.

AD 4nXeAGkDAAe93ZWB0PyFZJEwonsxUg4aNYE7iMnFf igZjQCrkOx3AflPPc1emW9Y9maLNV mS7AhZKpnGOaQPHB8iw2rNmmvanwZod EIMcH TQkobJl6weXuEsGftHVGx3AEwyiNUywrsu3epOQwNRw4g3n?key=ATeKK0P1 8jfCsuJDELl4A

It’s a simple website as you can see, but if we want to capture a website at a point in time forever – all you need to do is type out the URL let’s use time.com as an example.

It’ll do its thing and then it recreates the webpage that will always be online even if the original page disappears. 

You might wonder can’t I just take a screenshot or save the webpage as a PDF? The difference is archive.today supports heavy JavaScript sites so we retain the functionality of the live links – for example, I can browse around time.com and click the links, and interact with the website. 

It’s an awesome tool, especially for web pages that change around like price lists, real estate listings, and job listings. 

5 – Hostinger 

Going through this list you can see how important and useful websites are and if you want to build your own. Hostinger.com is an awesome all-in-one website builder to bring your idea to life within minutes.

AD 4nXetr736G49SuqlQRZxplSu1GjUPd7eyVpEOxqec7JMWDoypzLReI UZ 9CIPbrTCEbvUDw 2YlVIx8pAJ1m5fkkrU90VP3qg12t0OXaqoAfPQ1P3sRvVJPJ 2AIkePuamkMXNjs4KmuKRaE KMZRlvHtRCu?key=ATeKK0P1 8jfCsuJDELl4A

So on Hostinger, there are great plans for fast and secure web hosting and I’d recommend the Business Plan because it gives you access to inbuilt AI and e-Commerce features. 

You can also use the coupon code AEZ10 to save an extra 10% off when you’re signing up. 

Hostinger’s new AI Website Builder makes it really simple to build a website: all you need to do is answer some prompts, then input the name of your website, list the website type, and describe the website, and just like that: it’ll create the website base for you. Zero need for endless hours coding or designing a website from scratch. 

From here you can use the in-built AI tools to quickly customize the website. For example, you can use the AI Logo Maker to automatically generate a new logo for your website or even use the built-in Blog Generator to begin filling out your website to make it more interesting.

So the new Hostinger AI Tools gets the base up and running within minutes and you can always use the usual drag-and-drop editor to get your website just right whether it’s adding new segments or generating new images.

So if you’re looking to build a website effortlessly, you can check out Hostinger, and don’t forget to use the code AEZ10 to get an extra 10% off! 

6 – RetroTV 

Moving on, this website is a really fun one: RetroTV.com

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You can surf a bunch of old-school TV channels from different eras for a fun nostalgic time. The range of channels is pretty impressive – there are classic music channels, cartoons, and even old-school news channels. I love the flicker effect applied onto the TVs and buzz when you flip through channels, it’s pretty authentic!

It runs all the way back to the 50s through to the 2000s and honestly the first time I found this website I spent forever browsing the channels and reliving my childhood.

It’s more fun and nostalgic than genuinely useful, but if you appreciate the website as much as I do, it’s always worth donating a coffee to the creator of this website! It’s always nice to recognize the hard work put into these websites especially when they’re completely free to use.

7 – MonkeyType

Next, if you want to speed up your typing, MonkeyType is a great and aesthetic website to practice typing. 

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So unlike many other type tests, you can customize what you want to type out, whether that’s words, a quote, or something completely custom. 

Then blaze away with your keyboard and it’ll give you a full breakdown of your typing speed and accuracy. 

I’ve used a load of different type tests and MonkeyType is the best one I’ve come across yet. If you’re more competitive and want to type race against others online, typeracer.com is another website I love to use. 

8 – Just The Recipe

Now, this website is one that I love to send my partner: it’s called Just The Recipe

AD 4nXdtzEi4AOdWgUInS7cFvUOjfqk9uM4ql546H Q2ir1P63gReg4VzzKA4WrodlNPXvbVF 9KsLT5QeXpUuvIL4W6AucE8Yjjdsof9u0R5FUYno2G26WGkbx47k7nRGIAbwmKqaAU bq8D dFRL0MHfBIX7SE?key=ATeKK0P1 8jfCsuJDELl4A

If you look for recipes online, you’ll know often that can be filled with lots of extra information, pictures, and stories which is great but sometimes I just want the recipe!

So all you have to do is copy and paste a recipe link and boom, it formats the recipe really nicely and gives you JUST the recipe. You can even save, print, and change the measurement units for the recipe.

I don’t cook as much as I’d like but I almost always use this website when finding online recipes! 

9 – What The Font 

Now, there are plenty of times I’ve seen a font and thought, wow that’s a pretty font, and knowing I’d never be able to find out what font it is. 

AD 4nXfgdJUMysgwWNSHvs6TV8SVImrW6S NpHdAPyQVHbXhmIozUJkKMt1aTMlkR4ygB KAhRLIR2j6gvKFweLsIsYqP0Zhzq4CtkYYFEDVN8pkE1HgcxMrrHAn7ts7e vJltW GapJM5fPxQ 3 GsaMrTDvBbk?key=ATeKK0P1 8jfCsuJDELl4A

Well, this website What The Font will find the font for you! 

By pasting an image of the font I like, it’ll identify the text, then click on identity font.

It’ll give you a list of all the possible font matches, so you’ll have to go through them to see what matches, but 9/10 times it gets it right.

This is an awesome one especially if you’re creative or appreciate typography design.

10 – The Noun Project

Another great website for creatives is The Noun Project.

AD 4nXenNE9rf JL7 13HHHFlx4rkmet1Mg4jC4hyEpaBEjqBb7kPojmymmxtvOOYj euZb8SHtwFOHg1i JSRrZWZq ZlMyg0SHj9V7j1oLGsfGIdmhTDWw9vaVi JTFmZ uf33QBZ0qNrHz iNVMeD 2VgqJhr?key=ATeKK0P1 8jfCsuJDELl4A

We all need to use icons, whether it’s for a school presentation or you’re creating an infographic PDF – this website has the most diverse collection of completely royalty-free icons to use.

To put this to the test, let’s look up something really obscure like a giraffe. So there are over 580 free giraffe icons to choose from and if we click into one, all you need to do is click download, basic download, and continue. 

It’s basically an incredible library of over 5 million quality icons.

11 – Priv Note

The next one is super simple but useful: Priv Note.

AD 4nXcMjlo7ghcM0soreThHyPDJm6I49jxbim1Xmx0IzRPMoQH04L7w6d5LKxPnxPnK5ujGpWg r7hZK2wz1ky3eC5Kz7Dqne9zAtmqD1RotrC60qrQCm7GY1gkt2Z3sMA6cYV GPLd b7f66HMJ8olnfzcd60?key=ATeKK0P1 8jfCsuJDELl4A

It allows you to send top-secret notes that auto-delete after the person reads the note. 

So type out the note you want to send and in the options, you can add when it self-destructs, a password, and a notification to you when it’s been read. You’ll then get a custom link to send to the reader and once they open the link, they’ll get the message but as soon as they refresh the page, the message is gone and the link won’t work anymore.

It’s a great website if you want to send a quick private note without it being retained on servers and remaining private. 

12 – Temporary Email

Then speaking of privacy, the next one is 10 Minute Mail, and this website generates a temporary email address you can copy and paste to help sign up for accounts and offers without being spammed. 

AD 4nXeNXazFLNS pm0R0HTNPuQAvtg9XL9nGbKfaKbiXScrbPp aukB2m16P45AuH74kfe SRfb7xl70OC rzFuwwTRTNmlr8 m Jj1WGkLJmtRj lTgSpLx5c0td9hQirjOa4Q5RsIMoSOuJAls6IA0N49vEsz?key=ATeKK0P1 8jfCsuJDELl4A

So once you copy and paste the email address, the email will be delivered to this inbox with let’s say the sign-up code that I wanted, and the inbox will vanish after 10 minutes. 

It helps bypass spam and protect your identity if you just need a quick new inbox and email to use. 


So which of the 12 websites will you end up bookmarking? 

If there are any websites you feel should be on this list, please feel free to let me know and share them with everyone else!

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