10 Insane AI Tools You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

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Hey friends, hope you’re well!

Because you have enjoyed the previous AI tools I shared with you, here are ten more incredible AI tools that will make your personal and professional life so much easier. 

Today’s top ten AI tools will build entire websites for you in minutes, create any spreadsheet and analyze it using only text prompts, and turn your phone into your personal AI assistant.

These are just a few incredible AI tools I’ve been experimenting with and can’t wait to share with you. So, let’s get started with the first tool! 

1. Hints

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The first tool is Hints, an AI assistant that you can access directly via Text Messages, WhatsApp, or Telegram. It’s recently saved me a lot of time from manually doing administrative tasks. 

It helps schedule meetings, take notes, and provide updates by simply messaging the AI tool, acting as a personal assistant on steroids.

So all you have to do to get started is select the integration you want to use. Let us begin with Google Calendar. Choose the messaging platform you wish to use, in this case, SMS. Click Generate QR code, then scan the QR code with your phone’s camera, and just like that, I have an AI assistant on your phone! 

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For example, I could text “#calendar Pick Up Groceries tomorrow at 9 AM for 30 minutes. Then, after a brief thought, it’s on my calendar! 

If you don’t like texting, you can send voice notes, and it will recognize your prompt! 

You can do much more with this AI tool, such as updating documents with a text message; it’s incredible if you’re busy and want to save time on administrative tasks. 

There is a free trial to try it out, followed by a monthly fee of $7. 

2. Formula Bot

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Next, we’ll use Formula Bot to turn you into a spreadsheet wizard. 

So, once you’ve created a completely free account, you’ll be able to see all the things you can do with this tool. 

So let’s put together a quick spreadsheet. Select the Spreadsheet Maker tool and enter the number of rows and columns you want – you can always change this later. 

Then all you have to do is type what you want into the spreadsheet. So, ask it to “create a spreadsheet for time tracking” and press the submit button. It will show you a preview and the option to download the Excel sheet.

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To analyze a large spreadsheet, simply drag and drop the spreadsheet. After it has been analyzed, you can ask it any question, such as “Which product drove the most sales this month,” it will respond with the answer – no formulas or dealing with a wall of numbers!

This is a great tool for those who could be better with spreadsheets, like me, or who simply need a co-pilot tool to help automatically analyse the spreadsheet data. 

However, as with any AI tool, you should avoid uploading sensitive data and documents! 

3. Kome AI 

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Kome AI is the next AI tool that is simple but effective. 

It’s a new and free AI tool that allows you to perform more productive tasks in your web browser. 

So, on their homepage, you can add the free browser extension. Then, press CMD + E or ALT + E on Windows, and a visually appealing toolbar appears.

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I want to learn more about the 13 lessons from billionaires in this article but I don’t have time to read it all. I press CMD + E and select summarize page, and it gives me an excellent single-paragraph summary right in the toolbar. 

I can even find and extract all the emails on a website by simply bringing up the toolbar and typing “copy emails”, and it’s copied to my clipboard. It’s a huge time saver and one of the simplest ways to always have AI features at your fingertips.

4. InVideo AI

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Following that is InVideo, a text-to-video AI tool.

Suppose you want to create quick videos for marketing, content, or explainers. In that case, InVideo’s original AI text-to-video tool can help you get a video out quickly without spending hours filming, editing, and narrating. 

So, once you’ve signed up for a free account, click the AI text to video button and select from thousands of templates, including this one.

Instead of writing an entire script, you can ask AI to write it from a text prompt. For example, if I want to create content based on the big bang theory, I’d type in “What is the big bang theory?” Then it’ll generate a script I can customize to make it my own.

Click “create scenes” to auto-create footage, but first, I want to include content from iStock and Premium sources. 

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After a minute, the video appears on a timeline you can view and edit. 

You can even automate the voiceover with this single button; just adjust the voiceover options, then click generate voiceover, and you’ve got a short and sharp explainer video on the origins of the big bang theory! 

If you run into any problems, live chat support is always available to help you through the process. 

You’ll need InVideo’s paid plans to download the full watermark-free HD videos. InVideo is offering my audience a 25% discount code if you use the link in the description box below. The paid plan also grants you access to premium footage sources such as Shutterstock and iStock, which would normally cost hundreds of dollars!

Overall, it’s a great tool for making quick video presentations or Instagram ads, and I can’t wait to see what InVideo does with its brand-new full-video AI tool, which will be available soon.

5. 10 Web

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The next AI tool, 10 Web, is easily one of my favorite business and time-saving tools. 

It’s an artificial intelligence web builder that can create a website from scratch, add pages to an existing website, or even recreate any website by copying and pasting the URL! 

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To quickly create a website from scratch, simply answer the questions like the website category, choose an aesthetic style that suits you, add some details about your website, then click finalize, and the AI tool works on building your website design. 

To finish, click the edit button in the bottom right corner and customize it with the drag-and-drop tools on the left. 

Typically, building a website takes weeks, but 10 Web does almost all the heavy lifting to turn your idea into a website in half an hour; it’s incredible how much time you can save with these tools. 

6. Bardeen AI 

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Bardeen AI is a productivity boost on steroids.

It acts as a team leader for your apps, getting them to cooperate without your intervention. 

The most convenient way to use this tool is to use its AI assistant by clicking and typing in what you want it to do. 

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It can do many things, but I want to extract the comments from one of my YouTube videos automatically. I’ll type “save youtube comments to document”. Then it’ll create the automatic workflow; all I have to do is confirm it, and all YouTube comments will appear in the new doc.

This AI tool can help you with everything from downloading and organizing LinkedIn profiles to having specific apps and notes open up just before a meeting.  

It does take some time to set up, but once done, it’s an AI tool designed to save you time! 

7. Rezi Builder

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Rezi Builder, an automatic resume builder built on ChatGPT, is the next AI tool you’ll enjoy. 

This is useful for students or anyone looking for a job change who needs to update an old resume. 

I remember spending countless hours writing my resume when I worked in a corporate office, and I wish I had this tool back then. 

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Instead of starting from scratch, this tool will ask you simple questions such as what your previous job and title were, and based on that information, it will generate professional dots points and a ready-to-use resume based on your job experience.

It can even generate custom cover and resignation letters, allowing you to easily enter and exit companies! 

8. Monkey Writer 

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When it comes to writing, Monkey Writer is an excellent co-pilot.  

With the help of AI, it makes brainstorming and writing so much easier, and if you get stuck and have writer’s block, it’s as simple as asking Monkey Writer to “continue”, and it’ll fill in the blanks for you. 

The interface is simple, with your document on the right and your AI assistant on the left. 

So, while I’m typing out my document, say about the origins of the universe, I can highlight any paragraph and ask it to automatically expand on what I’ve written, shorten it, or improve it. 

The assistant is also available to assist you when you encounter other writing challenges, such as asking it to suggest another word for universe. 

When you’re finished, save the file and copy and paste it into another app to finish your document. 

It’s completely free, with all features included up to 5,000 words, which should be enough for most people to get started. 

9. Adobe Firefly

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Almost everyone is familiar with Adobe, and they recently launched Firefly, a generative AI engine. 

And now we can do some crazy things that we couldn’t do before or would have taken hours and hours to do manually. Things like digital upscaling of blurry images and image extension are now easier with a button click. 

All you need to use Adobe Firefly is an Adobe account or a free trial. Then, proceed to Photoshop Beta. Above is a sample of how I edited a picture with just text using generative AI technology. 

No advanced skill was required to create some incredible visuals. Adobe is doing amazing things in AI, and Photoshop Beta is just the beginning. 

10. Playform Face Mix

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Moving on to the final tool, Playform Face Mix, which is a fun one I’ve been using.

This is a face editing AI tool with a frightening amount of customization – it’s a fun tool to play around with and realistically adjust so many facial features.


The AI space is moving quickly, and the tools are becoming so powerful. I’ll leave a video here to the 10 other AI tools I love, and you’ll want to check out. 

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