10 Essential Desk Accessories That Actually Matter

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Our desk and workspace is an important place where we spend a large chunk of our day.

Every item that lives on our desk setup matters.

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From a great monitor, chair, and an advanced 4K webcam like the MX Brio, to cable management and lighting: these are simple desk accessories, but they’re the unsung heroes of our desk.

Hey friends, Andrew here – hope you’re well.

I’ll share a list of my favorite desk accessories – accessories I’ve used for years and proved to be money well spent – along with tips and tricks to help you maximize your desk setup and enable you to do your best work.

Desk Lights

First up is lighting: it has to be the easiest way to elevate the mood and atmosphere of a space.

Lighting all comes together to create a cozy environment day and night and here are the lights I like to use.

I’ve used the light bar from BENQ for almost 6 years now – I pop it on for late-night sessions and it’s great in helping illuminate the desk space and the area behind the monitor at night!

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To light the sideboard behind me, I’ve attached Govee’s M1 Light Strip to the back and it creates a nice soft glow around the sideboard and gives visual depth from the desk to the wall and the little corner feels larger than it is.

Then I have a floor lamp with a smart bulb that just adds more light to the workspace at night or when I want to relax or read at the breakaway corner behind the desk.

I highly recommend using smart lights for your workspace if you can – it unlocks all sorts of color schemes and automation like syncing lights up to time or weather.

Logitech MX Master 3S

One desk accessory that doesn’t get enough credit is the trusty mouse: on average we click our mouse well over a thousand times a day.

A high-quality mouse helps with precision, and productivity and most importantly keeps your hand and wrist comfortable. 

I’ve used Logitech’s MX Master 3 for half a decade now and only recently upgraded to the MX Master 3S and they’re both still arguably the best productivity mouse on the market. 

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What makes this mouse so good is its tracking speed, ergonomics, and seven-button customizability – for example, I can quickly navigate web pages and activate Mac’s Mission Control with the center button, which I’ve mapped in the companion app. 

It also has a huge 70-day battery on a single charge and my hand never gets tired thanks to its very ergonomic silhouette. 

A mouse is one of those items that is well worth spending extra on, your wrist and hand will thank you for it. 

MX Brio Webcam

Next up is a quality webcam, because bringing your best self to video calls is important in helping nail an important meeting or acing that video interview.

The Logitech’s brand new MX Brio Webcam is a 4K 30FPS webcam that looks the part, with its solid and beautiful design, large lens, and an integrated rotating privacy shutter that I twist before and after calls.

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Unsurprisingly, the webcam’s video quality is top-notch with that ultrawide 4K 8.5MP sensor. With some manual tweaking of the picture through Logi Options Plus, like shifting the white balance, tint, and brightness – I’m able to get the picture just how I like it. 

But its low light performance is what sets the MX Brio apart. 

Because it uses AI enhancements through automatic light correction and it does a pretty decent job, I can hop onto a call without worrying about how the lighting might look.

There is a difference between the day versus night with little light source.

Also, tilting the webcam down activates Show Mode where I’m able to present my work or any sketches on a call – this is particularly useful if you’re a designer or an architect for example.

Just like Logitech’s MX lineup of accessories, the MX Brio is a solid, quality webcam and Logitech is kindly offering my readers a limited 10% discount code: ANDREW10 if you’re interested!

Cable Management

Moving on, cable management is crucial in minimizing visual clutter.

And specifically using the Cable Raceway Kit to hide cables in and around your desk has been a quick and easy win.

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I got this off Amazon for about $40, and it just sticks to the wall and routes all the cables to the wall outlet, so there’s not a single cable in sight.

Also, utilizing the bottom side of your desk is a great way to get a whole lot more out of your desk space without spamming the top side of your desk, the only thing working against you is… gravity.

But the magical 3M double-sided mounting tape works a treat and it’s a great way to add extra powerpoints without the cable mess. 

I’ve also used the bottom side of the desk to mount cable organizers and the headphone mount for easy access to headphones or even charging cables. 

Aeron Chair

Possibly the most important item in a desk setup is a quality chair. 

This is Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair and years ago, I thought it was ridiculous that an office chair like this could cost close to $2,000.

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But after experiencing back pain using budget chairs, I bought an Aeron, and two years later: I’ve gone from complaining about my back to forgetting I even have a spine!

The mesh construction made of ocean-bound plastic feels like a tropical hammock and paired with the customizability, I’m able to sit on it for hours on end without much discomfort. This alone helps me concentrate on my work rather than shifting my position every few minutes and looking like I’m a mangled mess out of The Walking Dead.

If you’re looking for a great office chair without paying an arm and a leg, I also use and can vouch for the Ergotune chair and it’s super comfortable at a fraction of the price.

NAS Storage

We all store important files and work on our hard drives, so it’s important to use a quality storage system. 

The first accessory that matters is Network Attached Storage or a NAS system.  

My main setup is the SanDisk G-RAID 2 drive, paired with the Synology NAS, which are hard drives hooked up to my router.

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This setup not only clears up space on my desk by having the hard drives in a different room, it also gives me access to a huge 40TB of storage and since it’s hooked up to my router, I can access the drives anywhere in the world. 

Plus, there’s the added benefit of a mirrored array setup, which means if a drive breaks – I won’t lose my data since it’s backed up across my 5 drives.

It’s a setup that gives you peace of mind, and convenience and clears the desk space, so it’s been well worth the investment, and they can be relatively affordable too! 

Podcast Microphone

Next, using a podcast-quality microphone in your desk setup helps bring your best self forward in content and meetings, so when it’s your time to present to your team, it sounds like you’re giving a TED Talk.

The one I’ve used for years is the Shure MV7, a hybrid USB and XLR microphone that produces great podcast-quality sound for its compact size.

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And what you’re hearing now is captured on the Shure MV7 and bringing the quality of audio to calls and meetings usually attracts comments like “Wow your microphone sounds so professional”.

Previously I had the microphone attached to a boom arm, but I found it took up too much desk space. So now, I just use a desk stand and take it out when I need to use it. I highly recommend the Shure MV7 especially since you can often find it on sale these days.

MX Keys Mechanical Mini

If you follow me, you’ll know I’ve used all sorts of Logitech keyboards over the years: from their old-school solar keyboards to their MX Keys range.

My current go-to keyboard is the MX Keys Mechanical Mini – I love everything about this keyboard from its long battery life, mini form factor, aesthetic, and satisfying typing experience.

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Paired together with the MX Master 3S, I find the color palette suits the light mode space so nicely and adds that appealing tonal difference with the desk mat, light oak, and white Aeron chair.

Overall, this keyboard has been a great addition practically and aesthetically to the desk setup! 

Studio Display

Next up is a quality monitor and you might’ve noticed I’ve finally switched out my LG Ultrawide monitor to finally use Apple’s Studio Display full time. 

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I switched over to the Studio Display because of the amazing color accuracy out of the box plus the anti-reflective nano coating comes in clutch when sitting next to a bright window where the sun often hits the display.

Also likely being the biggest item on your desk, they often make the statement piece of the desk and the thing you’ll first see so having a monitor with a great build makes a big difference to your overall desk setup aesthetic. 

Grovemade Desk Shelf

I swear by desk shelves for the added height to allow the monitor to meet you at eye level for ergonomic comfort and the added functionality to a desk. 

The shelf I love is Grovemade’s premium Desk Shelf in beautiful full maple wood. The integrated shelving helps extend the desk by adding much-needed storage for notepads, books, and things like that.

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The trays are also a great way to help me store SD cards, pens, and earbuds for easy access and make it easier to keep the desk neat. 

The quality build of the desk shelf means it’s built to last, but it also does mean it’s quite expensive at $360, if you’re thinking of getting one – I’ll leave a 10% discount: AEZ10.


I’ve made sure to link everything I’ve mentioned for convenience and let me know if you’ll be adding any of these items to your setup.

I’m moving into a new space real soon, which means a brand new desk setup real soon which I’m excited to share with you!

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