10 AMAZING AI Tools You Won’t Believe Are Free

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AI is advancing so fast, so let me save you some time by sharing some of the best AI tools this year and most of them are free to use. 

AI tools that will automatically shift your daily schedule to get more free time out of your day. 

Create music and soundtracks from a single sentence like “a soothing and adventurous atmosphere”

And even transform a simple photo into a high-quality 3D render within minutes.

Let’s get right into the first AI tool. 

1. Meshy 

Head over to meshy.ai and once you’ve landed on the website – click “Try Meshy for Free” and sign up for a free account. 

On the left-hand menu, is the new Image to 3D feature.

The AI then takes your uploaded image, so let’s use a sneaker for example and it generates a complete 3D render from that image quickly. 

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And it gets even cooler: go over and click the Voxel feature, which is essentially 3D cube models, and type in whatever you’d like to create and the result is a cute Lego-like render.

Once you’re done you can even download these 3D models into a 3D app like Blender and customize it from there. This is an AI tool that is a great companion for illustrators, architects, game designers, or if you just want to have some fun and create cool 3D renders without 3D experience.

2. Reclaim AI

Almost everyone wants more time in their day, but we all have 24 hours in one day. 

The next tool will help you get more out of your day by cleaning up your calendar automatically, so head over to Reclaim.ai

Once you’ve logged in using your Google account, select the habits that are relevant to you like grocery shopping, laundry and for me I’d practically pick everything on the list. Then choose how much buffer time you need in between events then continue.

Now when you click Planner on the left or refresh your Google Calendar, Reclaim AI will update and optimize your entire calendar and events. 

The best part is it will continue to optimize your calendar based on your meetings and habits to give you what the AI thinks is the most effective schedule for you. 

3. Notion AI 

Next up, I’ve partnered up with one of my favorite software tools I’ve used for years, Notion. It’s a powerful productivity system bundled with plenty of new AI tools built in. Let me show you what Notion AI can do.

You can get started with Notion for free by clicking the link in the description box below.

After you’ve signed up, you’ll find yourself on a blank canvas where you can begin to get creative and build out custom dashboards and workflows fuelled by AI.

Here are a few examples of how I’m using AI tools within Notion to give you an idea of how you can use it too!

From any page in Notion, click the sparkly icon in the bottom right, which opens Notion’s brand new Q&A tool. The Q&A tool is a personal assistant that provides instant answers to your questions by accessing information across your Notion workspace.

Let’s ask “Which docs do I need to read to catch up on my interior makeover project?” Q&A analyzes all my Notion pages and Immediately I get a customized response with all the answers I need. You can click on the reference numbers to see the exact page with more details. 

I also use Notion AI to save time from manually updating and analyzing tables! By clicking the magic wand icon  – the AI will generate insights, summaries, and next steps automatically for you, and this tool has saved hours of my time.

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Speaking of time-saving, the automatic meeting insights feature is incredible as well. Taking a look at a page with my meeting notes, you can type /summarize and the AI will generate a full overview of the notes and it can even generate the next steps in a useful to-do list by typing out “/action items” and there we go. 

What I love most about Notion AI is how nicely integrated the stack of AI tools is and it’s all found in one spot, rather than having to use multiple different tools and websites. 

You can get started with Notion for free in the link below and then unlock the stack of AI tools for $10 a month.

4. Music FX

Moving on, the next AI tool is not only useful but also fun to use. 

It’s called MusicFX and it’s been blowing my mind. 

Log in with your Google account and you’ll arrive on another page.

From there you can generate all sorts of music and soundtracks through text-like songs that would play at a poolside party with summer vibes.

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You can even get specific and create music through your mood, by selecting specific instruments and more. For example, let’s generate a soundtrack of “trumpets playing a festive Christmas tune.” And there we go: it almost sounds like we’re in December right now! 

You can adjust the settings to adjust the track length, turn on the music looping option, and adjust the variety of sound by increasing the seed number. 

Then click download to save the masterpiece you’ve created! 

5. Flair AI

Next is Flair AI and this tool is going to change your product photography game.

Head over to Flair.AI, click Get Started, sign in with your Google account then click Create New Project

Once you click on it, go ahead and upload the image you want to fancy up – I’ll upload the sneaker again. 

Then remove the background with one click, and tell the AI tool what’s in this image so I’ll type out Sneaker. 

EiPZ5HQWOZa 8o26zpfnEyuq6IAF2Ykb3tFvuppU CmgVOg6AyihB13MTTb9Nrxx E3fBJx hJiQTzDa4KK O0LCejy18MF E6JPax UKZwQF0JH3xiXnhCs1Rm9h

Now here’s the fun part – scroll down the templates and choose a background you want to place the product in front of. Let’s choose a beautiful floral background and click generate.

After, it looks like a professionally shot and edited product in a studio setting!  

If you’re feeling extra creative, click the editor tab and you can change the variables to absolutely anything you want, so the world is your oyster! 

6. ImageFX 

AI Art has been around for a while but ImageFX is possibly the easiest and most accessible free AI Art tool and I’m shocked at just how good it is. 

Click on the prompt box and type in absolutely anything you’d like – let’s try having AI create a “photorealistic drawing of Zelda Link” then click generate. 

1hw5GevfFNEtuksutDE afbb3BsG2WdNHZkOZNDEhhM9TTa5wXRwvtkKKY5j0AHpAn9VBLpy0qv0JHwplh15gSuSN8kdTVCc6wC17v7 WQAXhp4D7pa5ExUpvy4Tjkq3XyO6m2kaUsq dOJbnJeF SM

Quite quickly it’s generated a set of images on the right and I’m so impressed. Then, you can then go ahead and save it by clicking the Download button.

The prompt box also highlights keywords so it makes it really easy for you to change variables like changing the photorealistic prompt to the suggested cartoonish and immediately it generates something quite different but just as impressive! 

This is such a great tool to create avatars, article images, social media posts or just to get some ideas! 

7. AutoDraw

Another creative AI tool is AutoDraw and this will turn your doodles into useable and professional-looking illustrations.

Head to Autodraw.com and with this blank canvas, click the Auto Draw bubble on the left.

I’m going to attempt to draw a flower and it’s pretty bad. But AutoDraw is here to save the day with the “Do You Mean” any of these illustrations at the top.

Click on it and indeed, this is what I meant! A perfectly drawn flower.

eqpHc8 SlhSBqCA9Ac9VxXhDjD w1yskqs ZA3 b8bSHMqx0wL 8UmyJbIjw73J5GIDH mOKyB9cvq3yO5CFrn5ZmOgQgUFWq5bdPg0AVtaBFfTQVJve9ue HjsVuA5S9vAsWMIZ xT YpVEEhdORiQ

You can then adjust the size, color it in, and even add some text.

It’s a simple tool, but a great free way to create simple illustrations! 

8. Koala Writer AI

Head over to Koala.sh to use the best AI writer I’ve seen yet.

Click Try Koala Writer for free, then leave the selection at ChatGPT 3.5 since it’s free to use, choose your article type, and enter the main keywords like “What is the best sneaker in 2024”.

You can even add relevant AI images and YouTube videos automatically to the article by clicking auto. Scroll down and fill out your other preferences, then finally click generate!

cnooIrEk7UrhoFZx7MeXiv4TAlJTCm9lBy1crXHYLxOo3k4Cj g ZVdG

It comes up with a comprehensive article filled with interesting images, and relevant YouTube videos, and best of all, it’s SEO optimized to rank on Google. 

At the top, you can download or copy the article and I’d recommend building out the article with your voice and touch before publishing it. 

9. Gemini 

We all know that ChatGPT is what kickstarted the AI revolution, but Gemini may soon be the new AI king.

Head over to gemini.google.com and when you arrive on Gemini, it looks very similar to ChatGPT’s interface. 

But one of the biggest differences right now is Gemini will always produce the most up-to-date information thanks to Gemini’s internet access, even on the free version! 

Let’s ask Gemini “When is Coldplay’s next concert in New York” and immediately we get those details including who the supporting acts are, the venue, and the potential songs they’ll perform! 

cXKdugyXW2fShaankmHgc6 VWU97hmQsNl qut0AipxsgtgMV C4bqNCJanLDVTMsjdPFUpHRIQ sIqIDp7tisVzTpD1WXH8tUHj3n0rwXFt2tPleiEjfW 4DhmwhR8NhUNBDVmhDE86RmEiCVIjTbw

Ask this question on ChatGPT’s free version it’ll tell you that it unfortunately doesn’t have access to real-time information.

Nothing against ChatGPT though, it’s still a leading AI tool but I’ve been using Gemini’s free version more often for up-to-date answers! 

10. PicsArt Gif

Another cool AI tool that’s free to use is the PicsArt GIF generator.  

OkhNQuKqHhN5QyXBKrtzBnsxaJTUSXEV3WHN4lNAUIoxrIrTmcWY4Qhlxqt 3eGdQlMOHBg8VXZrYr9uCXsW7l40xpUv48V4RBzl3 hWtx9QTDk4TcYDrbJK 0bpEIrBMOFewkcsctJU QkHfhyM7Ks

Head over to picsart.com/gif-maker and you can go ahead and type out the animated GIF you’d like to create. Let’s go with something whacky, like “a spaceship in warp speed traveling across the universe” and click generate.

Then choose the style you want to use, like concept art, futurism, sci-fi – let’s try cyberpunk and then generate. 

Select the style you like best, then once you click next it’ll generate and animate an impressive new GIF for you just like that! 

After a few seconds, not only does it generate AI art, it analyzes the image to animate it so it’s able to create a short GIF.

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